A Car Tour In The Italian Middle Ages: Siena And The Via Francigena

A Car Tour In The Italian Middle Ages: Siena And The Via Francigena

"Cor Magis Tibi Sena pandit" (Siena opens up a more prominent heart than this door) is the sign that welcomes visitors at Camollia entryway, one of the passages to the memorable focal point of Siena. This warm welcome is the business card of the city that needs no presentation.

Established, as per a prominent legend, by Remus, sibling of the incredible originator of Rome, Romulus, Siena is an outside exhibition hall. The extreme royal residences and soak rear ways of the old town have continued as before since the medieval times when Siena was an autonomous republic. An enormous piece of the urban communities antiquated pride is as yet present in the personality of its residents, which is communicated completely on July the second and August the sixteenth of every year during the well known Palio celebration, maybe the most established and most genuine prevalent festival in Italy. In the core of the city is the glorious shell-molded Piazza del Campo, commanded by the high Torre del Mangia, thought about a standout amongst the most delightful squares in Europe for engineering agreement and parity. Anyway, Siena additionally offers delightful temples and historical centers notwithstanding the capacity to astonish even the most rushed visitor with life-changing perspectives. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Car Tour In The Italian Middle Ages: Siena And The Via Francigena 

In the wake of visiting Siena, it's time to redirect onto the 447 street until you achieve a standout amongst the most beautiful landmarks in Italy: the Abbey of San Galgano. The Abbazia di San Galgano is a wonderful case of a Cistercian monastery, sanctified in 1288. It was a significant focus of confidence until the center of the fifteenth century when it at that point slowly tumbled down and was even utilized as a homestead during the eighteenth century. During the nineteenth century, the rebuilding of the convent started so as to save the first structure. The absence of rooftop and the picturesque area makes it a standout amongst the greatest landmarks of Tuscany. As of late, the nunnery has been utilized to have events and shows. The monastery is likewise honored with a lovely and strange light, making it significantly all the more intriguing. Alongside the radiant remains stands the excellent sanctuary of Montesiepi which goes back to the thirteenth century. The sanctuary saves the strange "Sword in the stone", a genuine sword of the twelfth century stuck in the floor, as indicated by a legend, having a place with San Galgano himself. The tale of Galgano - a knight who surrenders his weapons emblematically, going from the sword to the cross - intently relates with the fantasy of Excalibur, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

To get to the following destination of our schedule it's important to drive towards Siena and achieve the antiquated Via Francigena, the course that connected Rome to Canterbury, utilized by pioneers since the twelfth century. Demonstrated on maps as SS2 it's the perfect street for the individuals who need to appreciate interesting looks at the Tuscan wide open. At around 15 km from Siena, toward Florence, shows up, as though in a fantasy, a dream of enchantment: the strong dividers of Monteriggioni. Monteriggioni is an excellent, community encompassed by 14 strengthened towers. During the Middle Ages, it offered a haven to the general population of Siena during the wars against Florence. Splendidly protected and shut to traffic, in July the town of Monteriggioni has a standout amongst the most excellent medieval celebration in Italy. The town was established around a current homestead and still holds a country character, as you can figure by the state of the fundamental square, much like that of a private patio.

The Via Francigena

Be that as it may, the Via Francigena has more ponders to divulge: only a couple of kilometers ahead seems a standout amongst the most acclaimed horizons in Italy: the profile of the towers of San Gimignano. Known as the "city of excellent towers", San Gimignano is a destination not to be missed by travelers, with its antiquated lanes, the warm shades of its medieval structures and the delicate Tuscan field that encompasses the town. It merits a visit to the "Parco della Rocca", which offers a magnificent all-encompassing perspective, the Collegiate Romanesque highlighting frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio and the thirteenth-century church of St. Augustine, improved during the fifteenth century with frescoes by Benozzo Bozzoli. Most importantly, attempt to get to San Gimignano at nightfall when the light that washes the antiquated towers makes this little old town considerably all the more enchanting: you don't think twice about it!

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