Rameshwaram - Famous Destination of South India Trip

Rameshwaram - Famous Destination of South India Trip

Rameshwaram, also known as the Varanasi of South India is a major pilgrimage center for Hindus. It is an island in Conch shape of 31 miles in length and 7 miles in width and connected to the mainland through a bridge. Scores of tourists come here to feel the pulsating beauty of nature along with the spiritual aura of Indian religion. Some of the important attractions of this place are:

Rameshwaram - Famous Destination of South India Trip

Ramanathaswamy Temple

This is among the most visited attractions dedicated to Lord Shiva which is situated in the midst of an island. It is a massive temple which is enclosed within high walls with five gopurams. This magnificent temple is renowned for its 1200 massive granite columns which showcase the finest example of the Dravidian architecture. The main attraction of the temple is its twenty-two wells whose water tastes different from each other.


Named after Rama's bow this place is located 18 km from the city on the southern tip of India. It is located near the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean on the other side. The seas are in the shape of bow and arrow when viewed from the top which given the name of this place. Scores of tourists come to this place to see the beauty of water masses that surrounds this beautiful place.


Famous Muslim pilgrim center which is located about 24 km from Rameshwaram. Scores of devotees from various religions come here to pay homage at the tomb of Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia. In the month of December, every year scores of Muslims from all over the country visit the place to participate in the annual festival and to offer tribute to the great saint.

Some of the other attractions of this place are Gandamadana Parvatham, Agnitheertham, Adam's Bridge and Ramjharoka Temple.

Incredible South India Temple Tour

Planning for a south India tour with family or companions? It would be ideal if you make a note that the vast majority of the agendas start from Chennai - the capital city of Tamil Nadu and an extraordinary focal point of social legacy and sanctuary design. It is one such spot in whole south India belt that grandstands an ideal mix of the Dravid, Portuguese and the Dutch customs.


Practically all the noticeable places in Chennai can be investigated in only a half day trip with a guide or any Indian travel specialist. Spots like St. George Post (worked in 1640 Advertisement by the English East India Organization), St. Mary's Congregation, A fortress Exhibition hall (showing old garbs, coins, latches, old prints, and palanquins) fill in as the spirit of Chennai. In the event that you are craftsmanship darling or a history buff - Chennai has unlimited attractions for you.


Next, you can move to Mahabalipuram - the seventh-century port city of south India. Found only 70 km from Chennai, this city was named after the Pallava ruler Mamalla. Its different memorable landmarks (going back to the seventh and ninth century) are recorded as UNESCO World Legacy Locales. With regards to the best of Dravidian design models, Mahabalipuram is exceptional. Shore Sanctuary, Arjuna's Atonement and Pandava Rathas are the absolute best solid sanctuaries here.


While taking a journey from Mahabalipuram, you can undoubtedly investigate Kanchipuram in a simple half day trip. Known for its sanctuaries and silk sarees, Kanchipuram lies at a separation of only 65 km from Mahabalipuram. You can procure a guide to investigate the old sanctuaries like Kailasanatha Sanctuary, Ekambaranatha, Kamakshi Amman Sanctuary, and so forth.


Thrived under the standard of Nayaks and Mahratta's lords, Tanjore gloats of being a paradise for religious disapproved of individuals. Filling in as a 'Fortune Place of Craftsmanship' for a considerable length of time, this little however delightful city grandstands lovely handiworks like the workmanship plate, essence work, bronze symbols, Thanjavur artworks and the established south Indian melodic instruments.

One can invest some loosening up minutes at sanctuaries like Brihadeshwara sanctuary. This is where a craftsmanship sweetheart can likewise discover a lot of Dravidian workmanship models and delightful Chola Fresco canvases.


This is your last stop in Tamil Nadu amid this excursion. This is where you can encounter a rich social legacy going back to more than 2500 years. It is the most established city in Tamilnadu and offers attractions like Sri Ranganathaswamy Sanctuary, Meenakshi Sundareshwar and so forth.


Found 136 km from Madurai, lies Periyar with its perfect thick greens and tranquil conduits to invite you in God's own Nation - Kerala. Famous for its untamed life haven, Periyar offers a chance to spot and snap creatures like tigers, panthers, elephants, Buffalo, elands, sambar, wild pig, monkey and a colossal assortment of winged animals. This is where you can really investigate fragrant flavor manor ranches.


Moving to the following destination (by a houseboat, if conceivable), you drive to Kumarakom through enormous Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom Flying creature Asylum is most loved among every one of the ornithologists, feathered creature sweethearts and nature darlings. Cormorants, blue-greens, ducks, darters (wind feathered creatures), night herons, egrets, and Siberian storks are the prime attractions of this asylum.


Later you can board your houseboat for the watery land - Alleppey. Encompassed by beautiful backwaters, this is a perfect spot for unwinding and relish bona fide ocean depths rarities.


In conclusion, you can head towards Cochin for a half day tour, where you can investigate attractions like Jewish Town and Chinese angling nets, and appreciate viewing Kerala's most prevalent traditional move - Kathakali.

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