Air Travel Made Easy and Painless

Air Travel Made Easy and Painless

With the smash on carriers, traveling isn't as much the joy it used to be. For some, it can make their aortic vein pop. Presently, I am not a world traveler... all things considered, possibly I am. I have traveled to around 20 nations throughout my lifetime, and I have run from bumming a ride with a knapsack and remaining in youth lodgings to going Top notch and remaining in Blue Lace Resorts (higher than 5-Star). I have traveled with 2 outfits to last me 4 months to 3 full bags conveying 2 outfits for every day. In this way, as we prepared to take this multi-week outing to Arizona and Mexico, I was looked with the difficulty of pressing once more.

The last vacation we took, I certainly over pressed. I don't think twice about it, that was the idea of the trek. We were commending our 25th Commemoration and chose to go maximum capacity. In any case, I chose as we were rolling our train of baggage around the airplane terminal that I was not going to overpack any longer. I nailed it this time! I didn't over pack, and I remembered anything.

Air Travel Made Easy and Painless

1. Pack Light and Pack Versatile

We live in a cold climate and will be returning to snow. So I had to have closed shoes and a jacket for the travel day. With that exception, everything else is very versatile and can be worn with anything. My favorite piece that I would not do without is my Pashmina scarf. It acted as a pillow on the plane, as a blanket when I was cool, or as a shawl when we went out in the evening. It is small and rolls up taking hardly any space in my purse. It can be sweltering hot out but walk into an air-conditioned restaurant and you will soon be shivering. Not anymore with a pashmina!

2. Pre-Travel Preparation

With Google at your fingertips, there is no reason not to be prepared for travel. I Googled and printed off a map to the hotel, map of the area, directions of places were wanted to travel to, addresses and phone numbers. This was so helpful because we landed late at night when it was pitch black. I already had a good idea of where we were staying and had no trouble finding my way.
Call your hotel or check online to find out what amenities they supply. Many provide shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a blow dryer. That way you do not have to bring things unnecessarily. Also, purchase travel sized containers to reduce weight and space.

3. Pack A Spare Suitcase

This tip falls under "better safe than sorry," for 2 reasons. Even when you don't plan on shopping, we have always ended up with bulging suitcases on the trip home and they are trying to purchase an extra suitcase at the last minute. Bring one and you will have it if you need it.
The other reason is simply that it is a money-saving tactic. If you are overweight, the fine is usually astronomical! Better to pay for an extra piece of luggage which is about $25 or $35, much cheaper! The one you bring doesn't have to be large, it could be a soft-sided duffel bag you lay in the bottom of your suitcase, or pack a suitcase within a suitcase.

4. Organize Your Bags With Baggies

Pick up some small craft baggies. I just love these babies. I used them to pack my daily vitamins which took up less space than the bottles. They are convenient too as you can throw one into your purse or pocket each day.
I also used these bags to organize my electronic cords for my iPod, Camera, iPhone, laptop, etc. Then I put all those items into a zippered pouch. It was wonderful having everything organized and easy to grab whatever I needed for the day.

5. Have a Notebook

No matter how digital you are, keep a notebook and pen handy. Sometimes your organizer may die or you don't have batteries, but you will always have what you need with your notebook & pen. I used this to keep track of so many things and my To-Do lists that I could write a book on it. A "must" for traveling.

6. Some Packing Essentials

Back Pack - ours has a smaller pouch that can be used as well, so it is a 2-in-1 Pack
Small Umbrella - for rain or sun
Small Sewing Kit - with safety pins, which I was so grateful when a strap broke
Nail Kit -
First Aid Kit
Multi-Tool - such as a Swiss Army Knife and a Multi-Plier

Just remember to pack these in your luggage and not your carry on.

7. Wonder File

One of the frustrations, when you travel, is knowing where to keep things, and then when you want them, you can't remember where they are? This is my new Favorite Thing! I "wonder" how I got along without it! It folds up small like a laptop case. You unfold it and it becomes your office. I can work on the hotel bed, and it has pockets and tucks for everything. All my papers and receipts have a home and all in one place. When you are done recording your receipts, planning your lists or excursions, just close it up. It holds a small laptop, calculator, pens, everything you need. You can take it with you anywhere. Also, by keeping track of your expenditures as you go is one thing that reduces post-travel stress.

8. 3-In-1 Laundry Sheets

If you are packing light and need to do laundry along the way, this is another favorite thing I discovered, 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets. They are sheets the size of a dryer sheet, but they are the detergent, fabric softener and anti-static all in one. So convenient and handy. But after I did my laundry, I noticed some stains remained.... so I have added one more thing to my list for future trips.... a small pretreatment stain stick.

9. Be Prepared For Medical Emergencies

We have visited so many hospitals on various trips, I have learned to be prepared and carry a list of medical information. I have an article on my website about what you should include in your list.

10. Ask The Locals

We have dined in some wonderful restaurants that are off the beaten track that the locals frequent. I would have walked right by making a judgment by the building, but because it was recommended by the locals, we went in... and we were not disappointed.

11. Negotiate

Since we were staying longer than a week, we inquired if we could get a better rate - and we did! We saved about $300. It never hurts to try to negotiate or inquire for better rates, the worst thing they can say is "No."

12. Money Saving Tips

We found some great ways to save money with our dining-out budget. Our hotel supplied a continental breakfast, so that was a saving. Many times lunch was a simple salad or nuts and fruit we picked up at a grocery store. Then we would enjoy a nice supper out. Even at that, the portions are so large that we soon started sharing an entree. If we were really hungry, we would order a salad or appetizer or save room to share a dessert.
Also, check into the "off" time for things you may want to do. We tried 10-Pin Bowling for the first time in our life. By going before 6:00, the rates were less than half. Or take advantage of Early Bird Specials, weekend rates, or check coupons online.
Whether you are traveling for pleasure, medical or for business, I hope these tips will be useful to make your next trip fun and relaxing. 

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