What to Do in Seoul, Korea in a Week's Time

What to Do in Seoul, Korea in a Week's Time

Here is a rundown of hot urban areas and must visit places amid a stay in Seoul for seven days!

Hongdae - A school town with cool shops, eateries and bars/clubs. This spot gets wild during the evening, extremely great vibe. It's exceptionally youthful however there are individuals in their late thirties around. In any case, unquestionably worth a visit to see. Daytime - useful for shopping and looking at the little shops, and during the evening on the end of the week it's stuffed with drinkers and club goers.

Suwon - around 40-50 minutes from Seoul. It's a memorable city which is totally walled. I took a great deal of truly cool photographs. They have all the military stuff from old occasions still set up so you can see it. The photographs that I saw of the spot in winter time (with snow on the ground) were truly cool. Extremely old château looking. Worth daily excursion in the event that you have time.

Hongdae Seoul Travel

Lotte World - In the event that you have enough time, an outing to Lotte World would be an extraordinary encounter. Lotte world resembles a knock-off Disneyland, no genuinely, the rides are entertainingly fundamentally the same as with even pieces in the rides that appear as though they were stolen from the Disneyland manufacturing plants that make them. In any case, it's stunning as HALF of the amusement park is inside, in a Colossal arch. It's the world's biggest indoor amusement park. What's more, will just cost you around 25 bucks for a half day evening passageway. So you could go 5pm to 11pm. It's situated on the opposite side of the stream from all activity, depending on where you are in Seoul, presumably a 15-20 min tram ride.

Itaewon - Like Tokyo's Roppongi, however much better. Why? Since they have Taco Chime! hah, in Asia, discovering Taco Chime isn't something simple to drop by. There are huge amounts of shops that line the boulevards and a substantial spread of sustenance from everywhere throughout the world. Indian, Mexican, Turkish, Egyptian, and others. Additionally huge amounts of American inexpensive food chains, as Quiznos, Taco Ringer, Roti Boi, Pizza Hovel, Outback, and Burger Lord. During the evening this region wakes up with huge amounts of bars and clubs taking into account the outside populace. It varies from Hongdae and Roppongi contrasts from Shibuya.

Myeongdong - A hip shopping territory loaded up with youngsters, diners, and road merchants and huge amounts of name brands. Truly cool boulevards and an incredible vibe. Here is the thing that Wikipedia says - "Myeongdong is one of Seoul's primary shopping areas highlighting mid-to-extravagant retail locations and universal brand outlets, including Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Perpetually 21, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and the Nature Republic. ". This is the place we Have to open one of our stores. I would contrast it with Shibuya with a blend of Harajuku or Omotesando.

Dongdaemun - This is a cool region with A Great deal going on. It's a few road squares wide with everything open all day, every day. I'm talking 8 story mega buildings with huge amounts of shops inside working 24 hours every day 7 days seven days. This zone never rests and there are daily occasions going on, retail chains tossing outside shows, delight rides. It's nuts! I remained here for 3 days and adored it.

Some other cool zones I was educated about from local people were: Chamsil, Apku, Seocho Gu, Ihwa Dong. Anyway, I didn't get time to visit them.

Trams are low priced in Seoul, costing generally 70cents to a 1 USD to get from indicating A point B. Furthermore, perfect and proficient, similar to the metros in Japan. Cabs are likewise shoddy, generally, just expense from 5-10 bucks for a trek.

The trams have these extraordinary touch screens for tourists with suggestions on spots to go, a training guide to reveal to you how to get from indicating a point b, and recent developments occurring around town that would be beneficial to visit. I prescribe utilizing the train from time to time just to get an opportunity to utilize these extraordinary tourist booths. They can give you a smart thought of what you can do in a given day.

Korean nourishment you should attempt!
1.      Marinated Ghalbi - Yamyom Ghalbi - Think Korean BBQ
2.     Toppoki in Bean stew sauce - It's essentially beat rice into a thick substance. Good! You can get it in eateries or from road merchants
3.      Lamen (Ramen) - Korean Lamen is a cold noodle soup. Exceptionally great and hot!
4.     Samgyopsal - pork BBQ
5.   Sundobu - It's a hot soup with vegetables or meat and you add rice to the soup and eat gradually.
6.   Here are some sites I discovered that have extra data about Seoul and can be valuable to design spots to visit and occasions to go to.

They likewise have an incredible month to month English magazine, you should discover one in.

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