Traveling Into Doha Qatar

Traveling Into Doha Qatar - Transportation and Car Rental

This is the second article that addresses our experience in Doha Qatar during a 6 months visit as a Fulbright the first few days I had a driver that would drive me to the university and back to my lodging. The drive takes only 30 minutes. I tried to familiarise myself with the road by following on a map, but it was hard to find road names. I later came to understand that street names weren't utilized in port that extensively. People will use landmarks to describe the road to a place rather than the names of roads. There were several roads that haven't any names or signs together with the one wherever our lodging complicated lies. One more factor I detected is that the nice variety of roundabouts.

Traveling Into Doha Qatar

It looks like a mess. Drivers vie to urge into the roundabout and any hesitation are admonished by few honks to encourage you to leap in. I was shocked that I used to be not very that anxious concerning driving, I guess it will be like going back to Cairo. I later came to get pleasure from driving within the roundabouts. It offers some kind of recreation within the quiet town of Doha!!! I have to search out a permanent methodology of transportation around the town to regain my freedom. Doha isn't a town with an excellent public facility. I have seen buses going around sparsely, but it seems to be mainly for nonprofessionals. So the alternative choices for transportation in port are Karwa taxis and dealings or shopping for a car. I wished to weigh my choices thus I started creating few calls to rental corporations from the telephone book. I was in for a surprise.

I wanted to rent a car for 6 months and hence felt I could a good deal, but the least expensive rental car I could find was the most basic Mitsubishi Lancer. The lease was for little over $500 per month for the 6 months period. "Maybe I ought to think about shopping for a second user car and marketing it in 6 months", I thought. One of the instructors at QU supplied to assist my search for a second user car and that I lief accepted his offer. We started our search for a used car. He drove me around the town in his personal automotive. I am still unsure of the direction we tend to are moving. These roundabouts will very damage the sense of direction for brand newcomers to port. We visited a few dealerships, however, the costs aren't low-cost. A decent car was within the vary of 20-30K. I am not able to pay that a lot of on an automotive to sell in half-dozen months. Let us go back I asked Mohamed and he makes an unforeseen reversal to travel back to the complicated, however, middle approach through the flip, we are shaken by the impact from another car; my 1st accident in Qatar inside forty-eight hours of arrival.
A quick check and therefore the humans are OK, thus we tend to focus our attention on the property harm. The harm is moderate, but the drivers have to wait for the police. No automotive may be mounted in port while not a police report. In but 2 hours an officer arrives, asks few queries of the drivers and fills in work and leaves inside 10 minutes. The drivers can have to be compelled to go later to the station house to gather the report and resolve whose fault it's. My colleague insists it's the opposite driver's fault; he ought to have avoided him whereas creating the reversal. I secretly smile to myself, but say nothing. I attempt to decision Avis and rent the automotive, at least I will have some control over my fate while on the streets of Doha. Next day, I'm the proud renter of a white Mitsubishi Lancer. A color that proves fashionable enough in port to form finding the automotive a challenge anytime I park it at the University car parking zone.

Happy with Living in Doha Qatar 

Contingent upon your way of life, and what some portion of the world you are originating from, Qatar can be a truly agreeable spot to set down roots or essential vacation involvement. 


Doha is Qatar's capital city and is the nation's social and universal center point. Dissimilar to numerous other capital urban communities on the planet, the Qatar government does not charge for water and power, which makes the typical cost for basic items in Doha entirely sensible. Perpetual residents additionally have free telephone lines. Duties are not charged on ordinary products, however, there is a little expensive for imported merchandise. The greatest cost relies upon were in Doha Qatar you choose to live or remain. 


The normal compensation in Doha, Qatar's capital city, is around 7,800 Qatari Riyal (QR) or $2143 USD, like the working class American pay in a capital city. In contrast to western countries, there are no close to home duty conclusions on pay. This makes working in Qatar exceptionally alluring to outsiders. Numerous businesses likewise incorporate the expense of lodging, vehicle stipend, restorative inclusion, kid training, and carrier tickets for home visits in the compensation contract. For those from western countries, it ought to be noticed that men in Qatar will, in general, make 38.9% higher compensation than ladies. 

En of Administration Tip 

According to Qatar Work Law, following five years of business, a laborer is qualified for a finish of administration tip. This is like the huge rewards given to corporate Chiefs. It is essentially a measure of cash corresponding to the number of years you have worked for the organization. For work for more than five years, the tip is determined to be higher. 

Find Qatar 

Qatar is a substantial promontory that focuses north into the Persian Bay. In spite of the fact that a large portion of the domain is desert, travelers to Qatar will, in general, be astonished by its white sandy shorelines and blue sea see. The Doha city horizon during the evening is very spectacular. Seeing the authentic places, for example, the Marroub Fortification, with its astonishing Abbasside engineering or a visit to the Qatar National Historical center is an unquestionable requirement. 

The exhibition hall is in what was at one time an imperial castle and visitors can observe the historical backdrop of Qatar and view the vast accumulation of Islamic curios and relics. Many fascinating unearthing revelations from the zone are exhibited here. Qatar keeps an illustration of more tourists every year and is a really fascinating experience. 

There are numerous extravagant lodgings to look over. With the impeccable stylistic theme and incomparable administration, you will really feel like eminence. An awesome vacation experience that will make you need to return a seemingly endless amount of time after a year.

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