Top Ten Things To Do In Kathmandu

Top Ten Things To Do In Kathmandu

The main draw to Kathmandu has got to be an incredible culture and creative heritage - a highlight of any trip to Nepal. The importance placed on faith in Nepal is big and a tour of the 3 main sights; Swayambunath, Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath don't seem to be missed! Swayambunath is the oldest Buddhist temple in the Kathmandu Valley. At the foot of the long staircase out of the vale are many temple buildings coated with vibrant drawings and encircled by bright colored statues. There are tons and much of curious monkeys around scavenging for a bite to eat. There are 365 stone steps to climb to reach the stupa, where prayer flags flutter in the wind and the eyes of the Buddha are the focal point. The atmosphere around the stupa is incredible and filled with an air of energy and excitement.

Top Ten Things To Do In Kathmandu

Boudhanath, a Tibetan Buddhist monument with a diameter of 100m, is one of the largest stupas in the world and another highlight of traveling in Nepal. The monument is surrounded by a neighborhood of Tibetan refugees referred to as 'Little Tibet'. The many souvenir shops and restaurants make this the ideal place to have lunch with a view of the grand stupa.

At Pashupatinath, Hindus come to honor Shiva in the shape of Pashupati an Animal God. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple complex, however, if you cross the Bagmati River and take a seat on the stairs you'll have a great view of the ghats, the ritual bathing, and cremation locations. If you are lucky you will see preparations for an incineration ceremony whereas you are traveling in Nepal. There are many sadhus, or holy men, at Pashupatinath. Sadhus are unsettled Hindus who have rejected the forged system and don't follow traditional traditions. They generally dress quite extravagantly; they wear orange robes or some are naked having smudged themselves with leftover ashes from cremations.

Shopping in Thamel is hectic and entertaining. Thamel very could be a backpacker's haven and there's everything from Indian textiles, T-shirts, and DVDs to trekking gear, Nepali artifacts and jewelry for sale. It's a good place to meet other travelers in Nepal and there are plenty of places to grab a tasty bite to eat. Due to the nature of the area, there are more international restaurants than Nepali and you can find anything from Italian to Thai, Indian to German bakery good to tempt you. It's certainly a good place to replace the calories you may have burnt during your Nepal trek!

If you choose to stay a little further out from the main tourist hub, I would certainly recommend a visit to one of Thamel's many rooftop garden restaurants during your trip to Nepal. Most afford a view over the rooftops of the city and in such a hectic and densely populated area, it's a lovely break to enjoy the peaceful green surroundings and sit back with an honest book and a hot chocolate as you think that over your Nepal trip.

Along with dal baht, momos are one of the most popular dishes in Nepal and make a cheap and delicious treat! They can be found everywhere from roadside carts where they are cooked while you wait to the Tibetan guesthouses of Thamel and beyond. No trip to Nepal is complete while not munch on some momos!

When you tire of Thamel, head out to the incredible medieval towns of Patan and Bhaktapur while you're traveling in Nepal. Bhaktapur is completely traffic free so it makes for the perfect getaway from the busy roads and pollution of Kathmandu. The town is timeless and quiet and the cobblestone streets link monumental squares and temples with shrines and communal wells - a real highlight of a trip to Nepal. Potters' Square is lined with clay stores and potters' wheels, and there is a fantastic view over the river to the hills south of Bhaktapur. Patan includes a lot of fascinating durbar sq. than Bhaktapur with a so much larger concentration of architecture than Kathmandu.

The Durbar Squares of Nepal can't be beaten for architecture and the atmosphere in Kathmandu's Durbar Square is fantastic. The main temple of Kasthamandap is consistent with the legend, built from the trunk of only one tree. There are several historic buildings settled on this sq., such as temples and the ancient royal palace Hanuman Dhoka. You'll additionally notice the elaborately engraved wood house of Kumari, the living Goddess. When you have explored the assorted buildings there are many places to sit down back with a drink and take in the atmosphere.

When you've explored the center of Kathmandu and the pace of the city is too much, a really great way to get some fresh air and see a different side to Nepal is by taking a trek across the Kathmandu Valley to Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. This is a particularly good option for travelers to Nepal who don't have the time to head out to Pokhara and the famous Annapurna trekking route. You'll trek past rice and vegetable fields, through small rural farming villages, where children will run out to greet you. As you slowly start to climb, you'll reach Nagarkot and the Newari town of Dhulikhel which both offer stunning, if distant, views of the Himalayas at certain times of the year. It's a nice possibility for any Nepal trip [out].

Finally, the perfect way to end any trip to Nepal, whether you've pushed yourself to the limit in the Annapurnas or pottered around the streets of Kathmandu, is dinner at Dwarika's Hotel. Whether you choose for a 6-course ancient meal within the lovely restaurant or the candlelit weekday night poolside barbecue, you will not be disappointedly

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