Singapore Tour, Exploring Hidden Gems Along the North-South MRT Line

Singapore Tour, Exploring Hidden Gems Along the North-South MRT Line

Singapore is unquestionably Southeast Asia's most popular city destination, but while almost every visitor is familiar with its glitzy shopping malls and outstanding attractions, like the Singapore Flyer, Sentosa and the Universal Studios, less than a few tourists take the bother to explore its less known sightseeing spots and places of interest. This article will take you on a day tour to some attractions in Singapore that are both beautiful and easy to visit.

What is common to all of the sights in our day tour is that they are located along the MRT red-marked North-South Line, which means that getting to them, and between them, is as easy as pie, even though they are not within the CBD.

Singapore Tour, Exploring Hidden Gems Along the North-South MRT Line

This MRT line passes through the city center so our starting point can be at any of the stations along Orchard Road, as well as at the City Hall/Raffles Place.

From here we travel to Toa Payoh and visit the center of Singapore's first and largest public housing town, which stretches along the pedestrian malls right outside the station, and while there is nothing inspiring about the architecture of this bedroom town, there are plenty of reasonably priced shops around here, as well as some nice local eateries and kopitiams (Singapore-style coffee shops).

A short walk will bring us to Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery: Better known by its shorter name Siong Lim Temple, this is one of Singapore's most beautiful Buddhist temples.

It was built initially in 1902 by a wealthy Buddhist merchant from Hokkien, China, who dreamt he saw a golden light rising from the west, over the sea... (The west has a special symbolic meaning in Buddhism, as India, where Buddhism originally came from, is west of China and the rest of the "Buddhist world").
Other than various styles of fine South-Chinese architecture, the temple boasts a lovely compound with well-groomed Bonsai trees, ponds, and manicured gardens. The real draw, however, is the seven-story gold-topped pagoda which is a replica of the 800-year-old Shanfeng temple pagoda in Fujian.

Back to Toa Payoh Station, from where we continue with the MRT to Bishan Station and our next destination - Kong Meng San Phor Kark See (Bright Hill Temple).

Occupying a large compound of 25 acres, this is Singapore's largest Buddhist temple and although it is not as "historic" as some of the temples in Chinatown or Little India, it is well worth a long visit.

The Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall, next to Bright Hill Road Gate, houses one of Asia's largest and most splendid bronze Buddha statues, rising to a height of almost 14 meters and weighing 55 tons.
Other attractions in the compound include the Golden Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas, the Bell and Drum towers and the various halls.

(Take bus nos. 410 or 52 from/to the bus interchange next to MRT- Bishan)

Back to MRT Bishan Station and onwards we travel, with Singapore's super-modern subway, to Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

A short stroll will bring us to our final destination for today - Little Guilin (or Bukit Batok Town Park, as it is officially known).

Surrounded by soulless residential estates, this true gem of nature got its name thanks to its rather unique rock formations that resemble the famous area of Guilin in China.

Massive forest-clad granite cliffs protrude dramatically from the lake, creating an amazingly beautiful landscape that stands in deep contrast to the boring residential blocks in the horizon. The small park around the lake also boasts some lovely walking trails, that are lit at night, as well as nice picnic areas and plenty of photo ops.

That is it, From here we can take the MRT train back to town.

Singapore Tour, Lose Yourself in the 21st Century Urban Luxuries

Over the past many decades, Singapore has been on a fast forward mode as far as urbanization is concerned. The stunning skyscrapers, the ultra-modern city, nightlife and the glass and lights of the city are sure to leave you enthralled. Take a trip to know what urbanization and modernization are all about.

If you have money in your pocket and want to find a place where you can spend it on the best of modern urban luxuries, Singapore is the place that you should visit. An eclectic blend of the South Asian cultures, this ultra-modern city is not short of any luxury of modern life. Be it the Singapore hotels, shopping, bars, restaurants or local travel facilities, everything reeks of sophistication and modernization. So, although life here is expensive, it is a great place for a well spent luxury holiday.

Singapore Tour, Lose Yourself in the 21st Century Urban Luxuries
Singapore is also known as the garden city. Amidst tremendous urbanization with infinite skyscrapers done in glass, steel, and chrome, you find nature reserves, stunning bird sanctuaries, and numerous other green pockets. The area of the country is small. In fact, it is minuscule when compared to neighboring South Asian countries such as India and China. All of 700 square kilometers, the country has proved that size is not a factor when it comes to enthralling tourists with Singapore package tour that includes unmatched hospitality and innumerable chances to have great fun. While the air-conditioned malls of the country house all the latest brands in the world, there are many outlets that sell local products at lower prices. Singapore is rightly known as a shopper's paradise and the country makes every effort to live up to its reputation.

A huge advantage for tourists in Singapore is its excellent urban public transport system. When you choose Singapore package tour, you do not have to spend extra money on hiring a car because you can travel in the public systems. This not only saves some of your money but also gives you a glimpse of the local pulse of Singapore. A great way to explore Singapore is the double-decker buses. Just hop onto the top tier of the bus and enjoy the superfast pace of the city. This is one city that never slows down, as you will find during your journey as part of the package for Singapore.

Another huge advantage for tourists is that the country does not pose the dreaded language barrier when you take up Singapore package tour. Most of the people in Singapore and the staff of all Singapore hotels can communicate in English. Also, the government signs around the city are in Tamil, Malay, Chinese, and English. So, you can find your way around the city. However, the English here is unique with a dash of Singapore flavors. For a foreigner, Singapore English is very easy to understand, although the accent and usage of certain terms are very charming.

Package for Singapore will leave a memorable impression in your mind because everything about Singapore is unique. Beginning from the Singapore Zoo, which is renowned for being the only open zoo in the world, to the underwater world and the numerous amusement parks, the attractions of Singapore have a special distinction. You will love visiting Sentosa Island as part of your package for Singapore for some of the cleanest beaches in the whole world. You can also watch the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Half lion and half fish, this huge sculpture stands facing the sea and spouting water from its lion's mouth. It is a great sight indeed.

So, book your visit, put up in some lovely Singapore hotels and have a blast in urban Singapore.

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