Japan's Best Destinations

Japan's Best Destinations

Japan is legendary everywhere the globe not just for its trendy technology however conjointly for the richness of its culture and tradition. In fact, Japan is one of the countries in Asia mostly visited by tourists. For those that would really like to shop for air tickets to Japan to own a more robust understanding of Japanese customs and practices, here are some of the places which feature the "best" of Japan:

Get up close with the sport wrestlers at the Arashio Stable wherever one will see a number of the most effective sumo wrestlers in Japan. A stable is a place where sumo wrestlers live and start their training from a very young age. It is managed by a stable master, a retired master who was a good wrestler at his prime. Stable's rikishi (wrestlers) of varying rank starts their training early in the morning training hard in the hope of moving up the ranks. By visiting the Arashio Stable, tourists will have a chance to watch the stable's rikishi do their training in the dirt practice ring. Watch as the junior rikishi charge and slam their foreheads into a senior rikishi's shoulder and try to push a weight of more than 17 bulk of stone to the opposite side of the ring.

Japan's Best Destination

There are six Grand Sumo Tournaments held each year. Tourists who are interested to watch the tournaments can check the schedule from the official page of the Japan Sumo Association before they book air tickets to Japan.

Japan is also famous for its Anime. It is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation". Anime encompasses a terribly giant audience in Japan and recognition throughout the globe. Tourists will see those Anime superheroes come alive in the streets of Harajuku. Young people dressed up in their favorite Anime character costume complete with architectural hair and makeup is a usual scene in the neighborhood of Harajuku whose name becomes synonymous with images of cosplay (costume play). During Sundays, the bridge outside Harajuku Station which is the Jingubashi serves as the meeting place of these cosplayers. It has been said that cosplay is a creative reaction against the pressure of an oppressively rigid day-to-day life in Japan.

Higayashima which means Eastern Mountains is the best place in Japan for temple-hopping. It is a part of Kyoto which retained its semi-rural feel, free from tour buses and traffic jam. Higayashima is a perfect place to learn more about Japanese history and culture as this area is rich in Buddhist temples and traditional gardens. For those that are going to book air tickets to Japan to pay vacation, Higayashima is an ideal place for a half day tour. Walk northeast along the side of the Ottawa River to reach the Sekizanzenim Temple then proceed to the Shugakuin-rikyu Palace which is just nearby. Farther down the path is the Shaginomori Shrine followed by Manshuin Temple. Head south to travel to Enkoji Temple, Shisendo Temple, and Hachidai Shrine.

Want to experience night life in Japan? Shibuya, Tokyo is the place to go. Much of Shibuya's night happenings centered around Dogen-zaka. It is a street in Shibuya also known as "Love Hotel Hill" for the numerous short time inns, pubs, and dance clubs. Finding a club that plays your kind of music from trance to techno or rock to reggae is easy to do in Shibuya. Some of the popular hang-out places are Womb, Club Pure, Club Atom, Doma Doma, La Mama, Insomnia Lounge and Bellovisto.
A trip to another place won't be complete without tasting its unique traditional cuisine. Downtown Kyoto is famous for the best Kaiseki-ryori in Japan. It is a traditional multi-course haute cuisine which evolved from the simple meals served at the tea ceremony during the ancient times. Tourists can enjoy kaiseki-ryori in specialized restaurants or by staying at a Japanese-style Inn known as a ryokan.

Kaiseki meals have prescribed orders to their dishes, most of which are prepared by using one of the common techniques of traditional Japanese cooking method. Sweet wine is the usual aperitif, followed by bite-sized appetizers served in a hassun. The main course will be served consisting of soup, sashimi, a boiled dish, grilled dish, deep fried fish, steamed fish or vinegared fish. After the main course is the shokuji set consisting of rice, miso soup and pickles and then the dessert.

After exploring various places of interests in Japan, it's time to try the Japanese onsen. Onsen is a natural thermal hot spring scattered in different parts of Japan. Yunomine Onsen is one in all the most effective places to travel for an onsen culture expertise. Yunomine Onsen is associate integral a part of the over a thousand year previous Kumano pilgrim's journey tradition. Pilgrims performed plight purification rituals within the piping plight once a protracted journey in preparation for go to at Kumano Hongu Taisha.

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