Crossing The Plains Of Thailand

Crossing The Plains Of Thailand

It started the day I made a decision to try and do nothing and look ahead to regardless of the decision is also. From losing opportunities to not really having the ability to figure had me affianced doing nothing for a minimum of 3 years. Seriously, I may be exaggerating but it placed me on bended knees.

At times, I wondered how I would look like if I was always bending my knees but it has got me this far. I now tread the plains of one of the largest and growing countries in Asia - Thailand.

Crossing The Plains Of Thailand

Just about a year ago, I saw myself in that empty room where I usually read my Bible and pray. In that insignificant space, I poured out everything - the pains of wanting to have a job but the opportunity always passed me out. I never left the place until I decided to stop because the red signs were beckoning at me. I was bothered for quite some time but God showed me the way. On Wednesday evening, just before the church service started, somebody asked me how's everything with my job search. 'I don't know,' was my only reply thinking that I have done my part and yet still nothing. I cannot hide my disappointment so I whiled away only to find out asking him about opportunities in Thailand. I guess the green signs ringed the bell for me to go on without the yellow signs noticing it. I sometimes wondered how a passage opened for me and brought me where I am right now. I can never tell, only God can!

The decision flowed so easily that it only took me a month to process everything and after that, I saw myself heading through the walls of adversities and breaking them into pieces. That time, I believed God will be with me no matter what.

Seeing myself actually coming down from the plane was not really the first time but it seems like it knowing that I will be in a country where I know nobody. And again, my thoughts were lurking to glimpse that little victory over those mishaps. It was not very easy at first to do the things I am not used to doing. But, then, I embraced a new life with which I have to live because I was given the privilege.

Teaching was never really a line of work I would like to do. I came from a family of teachers but it was not in my option to be one. But still, no matter how you run away from what God wants you to be, you will always fall at what He desires you to live. Hence, I am now a teacher.

Nevertheless, you may think the roads I have trodden were that smooth and easy but it certainly was not. Let me bounce back in time a little bit.

March 30, after three hours of sitting in that cozy plane, I went out fresh carrying my hopes and dreams with me. Facing the immigration officer at the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport was quite overwhelming because I was granted a one-month tourist visa in the country without any hassle. Few days after my arrival, I have imagined a flawless life since I stayed with somebody who has been here for like five years. That I believed was good but I was suddenly snatched up from that peak of thoughts and brought me back to reality - that even your very own shadow will trick you. It caught me breathless leaving me days and months in distress. I cannot hide the fact that the person helped me in one way or another but even though the help was meet, what that person did to me was still unacceptable. Yet, I did not stop there because I still carried those hopes and dreams with me, so I placed them all on the ground and laid it all on bended knees. Then again, I cannot forget how I have wept and pleaded for God's steadfast aid.

April 12, after a 3-week search for a teaching job, I was accepted before I even had my teaching demonstration. I believed He prepared the school for me. What a glorious feeling when the need was answered! I cannot explain the brilliance of God's providence. He sure will do something new every day! However, though, the good thing was already given, anxieties did not leave me alone just like that. It tried me so well to let me experience having the last 5 Baht in my pocket with nothing to consume for the next few hours and the next few days. 'But my God shall supply all your needs..' Do you know how hard this phrase in the Bible means? Believing is the hardest but once you have been tried, you will come out refined like gold. With God on my side, I was able to carry on.

April 17, after three Saturdays of praying and searching on the internet for a church, I was able to attend worship service at Grace Baptist Church. It was an indescribable moment for me when my mother sent to me Pastor Gutlay's mobile number. The fact that she was in Tacloban made me quiver at the thought of God answering prayers in many ways we cannot understand. Without delay, I called him and asked for instructions. At that time, I was about three weeks in Thailand and I traveled with somebody because I cannot speak the language and I do not know the place yet but God gave me the courage to go and so I have found my church family now. At this time, I can travel and be in the right place. Well, not almost every time but at least I already can. I speak the language a little bit which made things easier for me to cope up with life in Thailand.

Crossing the plains of Thailand may seem effortless because the places can be traveled by land but do not forget that along with these plains, we will meet the most fearful things in life that we think we can never make it out. Succumbing to distresses and pains will not let us live a wonderful life but casting all our cares to God will let us experience a peace surmounting the victory that even our own visible eyes cannot see. God is good for letting me experience the most unwanted things in this life because He allowed me to see the best outcomes of all of these. He is yet to bless me with many favorable things concerning the goals I yearn to achieve.

March 18, 2012/21:52--Saraburi, Thailand

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