Backpacking Information on Kazakhstan Travel Notes

Backpacking Information on Kazakhstan Travel Notes


Population: 15.4 million (UN, 2005)
Capital: Astana
Area: 2.7 million sq kilometer (1 million sq miles)
Major languages: Kazakh, Russian
Major religions: Islam, Christianity
Life expectancy: 58 years (men), 69 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Kazakh tenge = 100 tiyn

The Republic of Kazakhstan - an enormous Focal Asian country that has been occupied since the Stone Age, route before time was recorded. The greatest landlocked country on earth, Kazakhstan holds unimaginable potential in the tourism business, with incredible obscure travel destinations. The world's introduction to Kazakhstan basically happens in History classes, however something else, the monstrous nation without anyone else is unbelievable to the vast majority of us, until Borat Sagdiyev, who, in spite of his happy point of view of the state, fundamentally, did almost no to showcase glory of the spot. His humorous defy the mystery of Kazakhstan nation was spot on, interestingly enough, specifically with his grasp on the restrictions and repression of media, freedom of speech and assembly, the nation being under a dictatorship. Nevertheless, this majestic nation got to be a center of world touristry particularly for its atmosphere and mystery only for those that love unchartered territory with a style of the surprising and the new.

Backpacking Information on Kazakhstan


The world's ninth biggest country and largest landlocked nation of a 2,727,300 km area are greater in size than Western Europe. Within years of independence from the Soviet easily grew to become one of the world leaders in rates of growth and economic development amongst its adjacent Eurasian nations. The former Soviet republic is made in oil and fossil fuel, thus, explaining Bush's trifle over the country.
Kazakhstan (10 N, 71 25 E) is a country of wonderful and diverse nature consisting of forest steppes and steppes in the West from the Volga, as well as high-altitude meadows and forests of the Altai within the East, and the landscapes just change remarkably to south with extending deserts of Central Asia. The Khan Tangiri Shyngy is that the highest purpose within the region with an altitude of 6,995 meters and Vpadina Kaundy is well below at -132 meters below water level. There are over 6,000 types of plants, 600 of which are indigenous to Kazakhstan, and a heaving diversity of fauna from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and 500 different kinds of birds. Such diverse and flourishing flora and fauna manifest a climate the best suits the nomadic pastures, that is continental with warm summers and cold winters.


Equally diverse, the crossroads that is the multinational republic of Kazakhstan is at the center of social, cultural and economic ties between Europe and Asia. The nation is patterned with individuals sharing language, religion, and nationalities. Despite this, trendy Kazakhstan emerged as a replacement national of the land with a resourceful culture that's upbeat with the days. Not to mention, soccer is the most well-liked sport and spare time activity. Now isn't that just beyond expectation?

With only 16.2 million (January 2010) Kazakhstanis (nationality) in the vast expanse of the land lot, there are 6 Kazakhstanis for every kilometer of land, and that is a lot of space for a person. The KAZAKH is that the dominant position (63%), moreover because of the "state language" (64.4%), among 130 nationalities including Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, and Tatar. The country is mostly bilingual with RUSSIAN because the "official language" spoken by most Kazakhstanis. ENGLISH (30%) is also widely spoken especially with the young generation of Kazakhstanis. The multi-religious country likewise permits the opportunity of religion, yet Islam takes the cake with 72% of the people practically speaking. Christianity as Roman Catholic and Protestantism is a minor religion.


The matchless idea of Kazakhstan, its notable landmarks, all around created transport, and tourist foundations legitimately merit Kazakhstan to be one of the world's top tourist destinations. Rare as any tourist comes here, the traveler who opens his/her eyes to the real face of Kazakhstan will be sure to enjoy the traditional hospitality of the local residents. To preserve the distinctive Kazakhstan landscape and life, there were created national parks, preserves, and reserves like paradise on earth best trekked on the horse in authentic nomad-style. The traveler might also wish to crawl and take away within the secret of underground mosques close to the lake or arise to the heights of the Altai Mountains.

Modern hotels in the large metropolis correspond to the world standards of the hotel industry. Medeo is the largest high-altitude ice-skating rink on the planet at the height of 1,700 meters above sea level, and of course, made from the purest spring water, while Chimbulak is the ultimate ski resort. The Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world's largest and oldest operational space launch facility, the site of the launch of Yuri Gagarin's first manned orbital flight. On the opposite hand, large trading entertainment complexes cinemas, sports facilities, and supermarkets have been built in the republic for added entertainment and convenience. Luckily, most attractions and exercises here are without a doubt simple on the pocket.


The food within the region is predicated on meat, which helps the Kazakhstanis keep warm during the cold seasons. They are conjointly serious on alimentary paste, rice, and potatoes-the staples, cooked in, of course, meat stock. Now, Kazakh cookery appears about to the remainder of the world's palette this fashion, even more so with their food offerings that consist of a balance between starch, meat, and vegetables like noodle dishes (Laghman), steamed meat and veggie dumplings (many), grilled meat skewer with lavash, a flatbread (shashlyk). The Beshparmak or "five fingers" is the national dish of several meat parts distributed based on position or status. Vegetarian food run high and dry in Kazakhstan, so head out to a Korean dinner and get a decent vegetarian fix for a low cost. The Kazakh cookery is presently substantially celebrated in alternative countries in Central Asia, Russia, Germany, and even Korea.

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Kazakhstan Travel Notes

A newly-emerged country, once a republic of the previous Soviet Union, Kazakhstan may be a country with vast touristry potential. In the south, the country options monuments of the past, Muslim mosques, and madrassahs. Almaty, the southern capital, is a busy political and financial center, a city with a buzzing nightlife and lots of attractions. In the north, the Baikonur Cosmodrome attracts visitors who wish to view the impressive launches of Russian spacecraft.

Kazakhstan Travel Notes

The previous hundreds of years have given the grounds of Kazakstan a few recorded landmarks. The tomb of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in the city of Turkestan is a novel case of medieval design. Various rooms are arranged around an sq. tomb corridor, secured by one of the biggest vaults in Focal Asia, eighteen meters in width. The glorious structure is encased inside the rundown of UNESCO World Legacy Locales.

Such recorded and social landmarks and catacombs as Abat-Baytak and Aisha-Bibi, a necropolis of Karaman-Ata, royal residence buildings of Akyrtas and Baba-Ata, the antiquated settlements of Koylyk, Issyk, and Berel are of significant enthusiasm for tourists. Altogether, Kazakhstan has very 25 thousand landmarks of history, archaic exploration, engineering, and grand workmanship. Kazakhstan is a marsh nation, circumscribed by mountains. A case of such help is that the town of the city, where the windows of the houses have a view on the pinnacles of the Trans-Ili Alatau. This is a prevalent region of the Tien Shan, popular for its magnificence of the mountain backwoods and high scenes. Covering the universe of almost a thousand sq. miles, there's the city Hold put here. Almaty neighborhood is outstanding for its plantations wherever shockingly enormous apples mature. Among the games offices, one can specify the well-known ice skating arena Medeo in the mountains.

Lake Balkhash might be a particular wonder, being half later and 0.5 salty, 600 kilometers in length and encompassed by sand hills and desert pastures. Another impossible to miss normal fascination is Lake Burabaj, respected for its relict pine woods, odd models cut from rock by downpour and wind. Amidst the lake, there rises higher than the water surface a rough island known as Zhumbaktas. Its coast is congested with pine and birch backwoods. The mix of mountains, pine timberlands and furthermore the lake makes unique climate conditions, in this manner a retreat known for remedial mud and mineral waters have been opened here.

Kazakhstan isn't just an outside store, yet in addition, a nation with delightful common attractions, for example, elevated glades of the mountains, the magnificent landscape of the Charyn Stream Gulch, and Lake Burabaj, referenced in fantasies and legends. One of the first stunning corners of Kazakhstan is Bayanaul parkland made to shield the particular widely varied vegetation of the north-eastern a piece of the nation.

The most lovely city in Kazakhstan in Almaty. Situated close to the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, it is portrayed by unique design outfits that join the components of customary style with the most recent structure structures. Chimbulak mountain sports base inside suburbia of city draws in hikers, climbers, skiers, looking for the ski slants with a significant vertical drop.

One of the principal fabulous miracles of the nation is that the Charyn waterway. Along the waterway, one can understand a profound and pleasant standard, while the woodlands of this huge desert spring establish a long term connection on the traveler. The water, wind, and warmth have given the banks of the waterway incredible shapes, looking like the dividers of the old city. Different verdure, with monster fiery remains and poplars, more than 300 types of fowls, 20 types of creatures of land and water and in excess of 800 arthropods give this spot an interesting appearance.

On the banks of the Ili conduit, there is a brilliant landmark of nature, the Singing Hill. Situated between the 2 mountain ranges, the hill is affected by the breezes so that the sand stays in one spot constantly, without moving anyplace. The sand creates a humming sound so incredible that its 'singing' is frequently recognized for some kilometers.

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