The Aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and Tourism

The Aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and Tourism

What is happening in Egypt is each unhappy and exciting. I have been progressing to Egypt for over thirteen years and as an agent has sent thousands of individuals there throughout that amount. After 911 the trade recovered in a very few months, but now since the January uprising, the Tourism industry has died completely with little chance of a fast recovery.

The Egyptian people are wonderful warm-hearted people. With very little cash by western standards, they need to be raised their families with no complaints, ensuring their kids get the best possible education when possible. Women will walk the streets in the dead of night without fear, even small kids do errands to the store and no-one thinks twice about their kids being kidnapped. Everyone treats kids like they are their own. Quite one thing once within we have a tendency tost we have a tendency to are frightened to speak orbit another person's kid for worry wear thought-about a predator.

The Aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and Tourism
I am sure that when Mubarak first became president his intentions were good and honorable but like most dictators and the influences of those around him he became greedy and full of his own power at the expense of his individuals. Bribery and corruption became predominant. Ministers became wealthy and powerful as did those within the higher echelons of the military WHO he sure to serve him well. If you may get in with the president or his minions you may do okay for yourself financially.

Bribery and corruption was an everyday occurrence. To get anyplace you had to pay the value and recognize the correct individuals. We practiced this ourselves putting in place our company in Egypt. As a result, the rich got very rich and the poor suffered, managing for the most part on around $2 a day. As is that the Moslem tradition the mosques facilitate the poor as do people who are in a very higher money position to try and do this. You don't see skid rows or masses of people homeless on the streets. Yes, there is the occasional person looking for a handout, and tipping can be a hassle, but this is nothing when you consider this is a country of almost ninety million individuals living in a very country smaller than the dimensions of the Province of B.C., Canada where I reside.

With the introduction of the net and social media, it had been inevitable that at some purpose the young, well educated and the unemployed with little hope for the future would want more for themselves and any prospective families. The internet has created communication clear, and it's become terribly onerous for those in power to try and do something while not the planet knowing what's occurring.

The Aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and Tourism (Mesir)

With the downfall of Hosni Mubarak people who had created cash from being a part of the institution, ar continued to fight to stay their establishment. They have abundant to lose each financially and on an influence level. I suspect that the majority of the issues currently being encountered are created deliberately by people who have the foremost to lose.

Unfortunately several of the Generals currently running the country, but quickly, have been part of the establishment for many years and have much to lose. As do the rich business homeowners WHO created cash from government contracts and contacts.

I believe that the majority of this issues just like the attacks on the Christian Churches and also the Israeli Embassy, are being staged by those with the most to lose to cause widespread panic and to attempt to show the people how much better off they were with Mubarak in power. After the Israeli Embassy incident was the Police command back till the thugs were within the Embassy, the Government jumped at the chance to reinstate the unpopular Emergency Law that had been antecedently been in situ for thirty years. The power struggle was evident during the revolution when prisoners were set free, and men on camels were paid to attack the demonstrators all in an attempt to scare the people into submission to the Government.

No-one mentions that it was the local Moslems who were right there with the Christian Coptics to clean up the mess in the damaged churches. Moslem and Coptics alike have worked for hand in hand merely for several years. Many Israeli's have come and gone to Egypt without any problems. I believe this problem ar an effort to disrupt the country in an effort to point out individuals they were comfortable before. Of course, the Media is feeding right into this with all the negative packaging. I haven't seen one story wherever anyone has interviewed a daily Egyptian for his or her opinions.

You have to recollect that for years the final Egyptian population had no plan on what was occurring within the world around them. Mubarak created positive of that with Government regulated TV and newspapers. In addition, Egyptians don't seem to absolve to travel the planet as most folks within the west square measure absolve to do. It's virtually not possible for the everyday person to urge a visa to travel outside the country. So they have been trapped in a country with a great deal of poverty and little hope for the future. The internet has introduced them to the possibilities of a better world for themselves and their families, and of course, with little hope, they are prepared to fight for it.

On the tourism level, it has been devastating. One in seven folks worked within the business enterprise business, The business died night long with the Media promotional material. I was there for a month in June and life was continued as traditional. The business enterprise sites square measure open however void of tourists. Camel and Horse homeowners square measure having to sell their animals so as to feed themselves and people animals they will keep. Nile Cruise Ships ought to be juggled to seek out one that's sailing because of lack of tourists. The demonstrations square measure current except for the foremost half these square measure peaceful gala occasions with face painting and gifts for the children. Lots of singing and flag waving.

The few tourists we've sent there these previous couples of months, including some ladies traveling alone, have had a wonderful time. The media hypes the negative and of course those in the western world who do not understand the culture or religion are frightened.

The unhappy factor is that regardless of the results of the Trial of national leader and his sons it's a no-win state of affairs. If they realize him guilty, those in power with much to lose will make a desperate attempt to hold on to the power or escape depending on their previous roles. If he's found innocent the everyday folks can feel cheated, and the families of those who died or were tortured at the hands of the Government will be up in arms. Either way, it is a no win situation. Mubarak is aware of the way to play the sport he has been doing it for over thirty years. I have little doubt this man can play to win till the tip.

Recently the govt tried to cancel the Visas on arrival policy opting to own everybody gets a Visa before. Fortunately, this quickly pressed by the massive business enterprise corporations and their own business enterprise Minister. This would have stopped tourism in its tracks. It will take up to six weeks to get a Visa through Egyptian Embassies, filling in forms, sending in pictures, forms and your passport and at many times the price of the $15 Visa on entry at the Airports in Egypt. Thankfully common sense prevailed, and Visas are available on arrival.

Egypt could be a fantastic country with a lot of to supply the traveler. Most of the worlds' artifacts and ancient monuments are in Egypt. Hopefully, the new elections can herald a replacement era of prosperity and hope, the return of tourism and improved standards.

I grew up in a European country in an exceeding city targeted by the IRA. However, we tend to fail to condemn an entire faith as a result of the issues of the few. There will continuously be radicals and extremists, however condemnatory an entire culture and faith as a result of the acts of a couple of is gloomy and extremely wrong.

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