Pure Bliss!

Pure Bliss!

Places of interest in Tibet:

Apart from the popular 'Mt. Kailash' and 'Lake Mansarovar', Tibet offers a wide range of spectacular destinations, which are waiting to be explored. These include cities and towns of Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, Tingri, Nyalam and more. In these cities and towns, you will explore temples, palaces, and monasteries like Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Ramoche Monastery, Pelkor Chode Monastery, Kumbum Chorten & Thashilumpo Monastery. While during the Tibet overland trip you will drive through some of the highest passes in the world (above 5000 meters.), along with driving beside the holy 'Brahmaputra' river and rest on the shores of Scorpion - shaped 'Yamdrok Lake'. Not to forget, during your expedition to Everest Base Camp, up-close views of the legendary symbol of Tibet - Mt. Everest and the highest monastery in the world, 'Rongbu'. Information about all these places and packages is given on Nomadier's, website.

Places of interest in Tibet

About Tibet:

Tibet, the high-height Himalayan level is related in prominent memory with reflection and Buddhist peacefulness. It is otherwise called the 'Top of the World' - Tibet echoes with a feeling of religiousness and radiance like no other spot on earth.

Tibet has an appeal to it, which is overpowering. A visitor to Tibet will be captivated by the sentiment of memory encompassed over the land. With 'Mt. Kailash', 'Lake Mansarovar', 'Mt. Everest' and the city of 'Lhasa' observed in its chest, Tibet gets moment sustenance for the spirit. The city of 'Lhasa' is an extraordinary wonder, as it is positioned at tallness of 3,490 meters. it coaxes tourists from everywhere throughout the world to wash in its common magnificence. There are non-stop flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa consistently and on the off chance that you incline toward the railroads, at that point the Trans - Tibetan (Qinghai - Xizang) rail route administration is at your command. The most noteworthy railroad line on the planet, it keeps running from 'Beijing', 'Chengdu', 'Chongqing', 'Guangzhou', 'Shanghai', 'Xining' and 'Lanzhou' to 'Lhasa' and gets you from anyplace in 'Territory China' to the 'Tibet Self-governing Area Capital'.

Tibet Autonomous Region Capital

Influenced heavily by the Buddhist religion, Tibet is filled with a rich cultural history dating back to 1300 years. Credit should be given to the then King of Tibet, 'Songtsan Gampo' who established Buddhism in Tibet in the 7th century. Buddhism is steeped in the very psyche of Tibet. There are 4 main religious schools of thought namely - 'Gelugpa' (yellow hat), 'Sakyapa' (red hat), 'Kagyupa' (black hat) and 'Nyingmapa' (red hat) which embody the spirit of religiousness and spirituality in Tibet. There is an amazing history to each of them, especially 'Sakyapa' as its supreme sage 'Gautam Buddha' was born to the leader of the 'Sakya' clan. Tibetans have a lot of respect for their religion, and that can be seen easily by looking at the hundreds of year old monasteries which are well preserved and maintained.

The now exiled 'Dalai Lama', who is also the 'spiritual leader' of Tibet used to reside in the world famous 'Potala Palace'. It was 'His Holinesses' winter palace. It is also one of the most photographed palaces in the world and one of the most important symbols of Tibet. There is also the summer palace - 'Norbulingka Palace', which has now become a 'world heritage site' and is a unique representation of Tibetan palace architecture. Both palaces have the ancient Tibetan charm instilled in them and are widely visited by tourists throughout the year.

Tibet - the eternal 'Mt. Everest

Tibet has been a center for a lot of unrest over the years. But, all of that is now a matter of the past. The younger generation has accepted the freedom struggle in a much more mature way and is more contributing towards the overall economic development of Tibet.

Tibet is as developed as a country can be, with broad roadways and innumerable Indian restaurants spread over major cities and towns making it an optimal tourist destination. The people are friendly and good-natured, and the visa formalities have eased considerably over the years. And the tourist season extends from March to October. A considerably large time for a tourist spot!

And how can we forget the towering symbol which lends a whole new meaning to visit Tibet - the eternal 'Mt? Everest'. Bathed in splendor from head to toe, Mt. Everest makes Tibet, one of the most important destinations of the world. Mesmerized by it, your soul will crave for the eternal meet.

Tibet is a place where the word enchantment gets a whole new meaning, and the spiritual side of yours receives nourishing showers of elation. The place from where the holy 'Brahmaputra' originates and where the most sacred place of four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism - Mt. Kailash lies has to be an embodiment of spirituality, scenic beauty, and cultural vivacity. Visit Tibet and get enchanted!

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