Acapulco, a Virtual Tour

Acapulco, a Virtual Tour

It's almost that time of year when you take a break from your everyday routines; have you thought about exploring a truly authentic and exotic beach? Known because of its immaculate beaches, exotic activities, and fiery nightlife, Acapulco is the place to be.

Before you pack that two-piece bikini you've been wanting to show off, here's some 411 that Patawalk is pleased to provide on this out-of-this-world location. The name Acapulco comes from the Nahuatl language and it means "place of big reeds" (reeds being a plant that grows there naturally). Acapulco was taken over by the Spaniards in 1531. The Spanish conquistador Cortes himself established this great city as a major port. Acapulco became the key point for Spanish ships trading with Asia. By 1550 more than 30 families had relocated from Spain to Acapulco. Being the 2nd most important port had its downside, for not only did this port attract the wealthy but it also attracted groups of pirates (mainly from England and the Netherlands) including the world-famous Francis Drake and Henry Morgan.

Acapulco, a Virtual Tour
The aristocrat of Wales, who would later become King Edward VIII, visited Acapulco in 1920 and was therefore astonished by its exotic beauty that he promoted it throughout Europe. Thanks to the prince, Acapulco became the "it" destination of Europeans. Acapulco's popularity increased throughout the years and during the 1950's it became the preferred destination of Hollywood's greatest including Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra. This really catapulted Acapulco as the preferred getaway destination of the rich and famous. Nevertheless, this also attracted investors, including John Wayne and Johnny Weissmuller, and so more hotels and other attractions were built and this brings us to Acapulco today. Acapulco still maintains its opulence and attractiveness but it is no longer necessary to be rich or famous to indulge in the guilty pleasures it renders. It is still a favorite of many international celebrities including Placido Domingo and Luis Miguel.

It is important to point out that today Acapulco is divided into sections: The North End and The South End. The North End is also known as "old Acapulco" or "original Acapulco" because it preserves its historical ancestry including those Hollywoodesque hotels, Mexican style hotels. In a few words, we can say that the North end is much more traditional. On the opposite side is the South End, and this one is much more modern. The more luxurious hotels can be found here and don't be surprised to see people riding in limousines, expensive cars, or maybe even cruising on a cute golf cart. This end of Acapulco is filled with tourists from all over the world!

As you keep on packing your bags let me inform you of some of the most excellent hotels in Acapulco. Quinta Real Acapulco is definitely a five-star hotel, whose precise location gives its guests an astounding view of the Pacific Ocean. This hotel has two restaurants, two pools, and access to Punta Diamante (Diamond Point) Beach. Las Brisas Acapulco is a five-star resort that features over 260 "casitas" or small houses. Their restaurant, Bellavista, is positioned so as to create the perfect setting for a romantic dinner and more. A more well-known hotel and one of the oldest in Acapulco is Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco, which is a resort located right on the beach. This resort consists of a 20-story building with furnished balconies, so anywhere you look you'll undoubtedly take in the beauty of Acapulco. Lastly, another beachfront and world-famous hotel is Copacabana Acapulco. This one has more than 400 room all equipped with any imaginable amenities.

Acapulco, a Virtual Tour Mexico
As you get settled in, you'll surely work up an appetite! Don't be afraid to try any of Acapulco's restaurants which feature food from all over the world including Mexico, Italy, Japan, Spain, China, and many more. Why not begin with Pampano Restaurant (owned in part by Placido Domingo) whose menu includes modern Mexican dishes along with a private view of the bay. Zuntra is a restaurant that will provoke your taste buds for the food is inspired by a combination of Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian cuisine. If you're looking for something that reminds you of home, why not try a steak house such as Texas Ribs, La Mansion, El Faro, or even Hard Rock Cafe. Carlos N' Charlies features Italian cuisine, Beto's features Mexican cuisine, and O'Jardim specializes in Brazilian cuisine.

Perhaps it is the explosive nightlife which has garnered worldwide recognition for Acapulco. It is a high-energy party town and very reminiscent of Las Vegas in that aspect. It is not unusual to see people enjoying a three-course meal at two or three in the morning. In fact, most nightclubs don't open 'till 11pm and the party doesn't end 'till five in the morning. Most of the upscale hotels have their own nightclub open to the public and feature live music and entertainment. But don't worry, the nightlife is also divided. The young crowds usually gather and party at the beach bar zone. But Acapulco also offers more tranquil nightlife where you can lounge, enjoy a delicious drink, and take in the beauty of a starry Acapulco night.

Among the multitude of activities to enjoy are the Cliff Divers at Night. This is a group of professional cliff diver that dive from heights of up to forty meters (over 130 feet) into a cove that is but four meters(13 feet) deep and about seven (22feet) meters wide. This is highly dangerous but incredibly impressive! This is actually a tradition that began in 1930 among the local men. Before jumping, the men say a small prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe. An even greater spectacle of the Cliff Divers can be seen on December 12, which is the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Not only do the drivers do their feat at night, but a ring of fire is created on the ocean and the divers aim to dive in the center, whoa!

Another staple activity of Acapulco is fishing. For a small fee, you can rent a boat and venture into your own fishing adventure. The fish in Acapulco is so plentiful that boat captains guarantee that you will catch a fish or your trip is free. Not only are the fish plentiful, but they're huge; don't be surprised to catch a fish weighing between 90 and 200 pounds, now that's what I call a buffet. Acapulco has two lagoons, Coyuca, and Tres Palos. You can easily take a boat ride to both of these. If you have to see one, at least visit Tres Palos because it has sea turtle nesting areas; it's like witnessing the miracle of life! If you're into snorkeling, Acapulco has the perfect spot, Roqueta Island. As you carefully snorkel here be on the lookout for an underwater statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe (created in 1958) along with sunken ships, and other natural formations such as cave rock formations.

If you're looking for something more kid-friendly, then you have to take the kids to the Centro Internacional de Convivencia Infantil (Coexistence International Children's Center) CICI. CICI is basically an aquatic park but with a little twist. The kids can not only have fun riding in the various water slides but they can also swim with dolphins! Talk about having the experience of a lifetime! Also exiting and a most-definite adrenaline rush is a trip to River Papagayo, where you and your whole family can ride on an inflatable raft and descend the 5-mile canyon at really high speeds (depending on the class of rapids).

For those of you in search of Acapulco's more serious and historical side, then you have to visit Dolores Olmedo House. What makes this house worth mentioning is that the entire house is decorated by murals painted by none other than Diego Rivera. Unfortunately, the interior is closed to the public; yet, the outside is just as impressive and worth the time. Acapulco also has a museum dedicated to masks from around the world, Casa de la Mascara (House of Masks). Inside you can admire masks created by distinctive indigenous groups of Mexico as well as diverse populations throughout the world. There is also a magnificent botanical garden which features plants native to Acapulco.

Lastly, to really unwind you must spend a day shooting a round of golf in one of Acapulco's three exclusive golf courses. Acapulco Princess Golf Course is lined by coconut palms and various water hazards. This course is truly a challenge for the Golf Aficionado. Mayan Palace Golf Course is one of the top golf courses in Mexico. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and covered by Bermuda-type grass. Pierre Marques Golf Course was the host of the 1982 World Cup and has recently undergone some extensive renovations, which make for a more challenging game.

The best part of all of this is that you can see this city and other great cities from around the world right from your own home, visit Patawalk and enjoy the ride!

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