Wet Rice Island, One of the most popular Tours in Asia, Malaysia

Wet Rice Island, One of the most popular Tours in Asia, Malaysia

Wet Rice Island

Island Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island), found 25 kilometers southwest of Kuah, highlights sweeping sandy shorelines, influencing palm trees, and clear blue waters against a verdant mountain background. Hence, we profoundly prescribe bringing along a difference in garments, covers, and shoreline basics amid this outing. In spite of its prominence among visitors, Island Beras Basah remains for the most part immature put something aside for a few washrooms and rural looking slow down moving beverages and snacks for their benefit. There isn't any settlement on the island, so a medium-term stay is unwise for voyagers.

Wet Rice Island, One of the most popular Tours in Asia, Malaysia

It's a calm and tranquil island secured with fine white sand and clear waters. The island isn't marketed and has no open latrine, henceforth it's prudent for you to settle your "business" before the visit.

The island bouncing visit, as a rule, stops on this island for around 60 minutes, except if you are here by means of private visits. Guests can have an excursion here or to go for a brisk swim or notwithstanding swimming by leasing the hardware from a little counter on the island. In the event that you are here with a gathering of companions, you can likewise bring a shoreline volleyball along.

Being a standout amongst the most outstanding islands situated at the west tip of Langkawi, this island will furnish you an ideal escape with its white sandy shoreline that is grasped by the reasonable blue ocean. The rich green timberland that encompasses the island includes a feeling of serenity, empowering you to loosen up yourself after venturing on the island.

Fundamentally there is not a lot you can do on this island, aside from swimming, sunbathing and essentially getting a charge out of the shocking perspective. Encompassed by lavish backwoods, this island is the best place to loosen up and unwind in a normally tranquil atmosphere. There are just some fundamental courtesies, for example, washrooms and a little slow down that move sodas. Be that as it may, is not very much created could be one of the approaches to upkeep the perfect and excellence of this island.

Beras Basah Island

Incredible for voyaging families, the waters encompassing Island Beras Basah are shallow enough for kids to swim in while banana pontoons, parasails and fly ski rentals are accessible at RM100 onwards. On the other hand, you can appreciate a restful walk around the wooden wharf on the island or essentially sunbathe on the shoreline. This island is likewise home to wild monkeys, so know about forgetting your assets in the open as they tend to snatch unattended sacks in look for nourishment. Island Beras Basah is vessel ride from Kuah Breakwater and the most ideal approach to visit the island is through an island-jumping visit, where you can appreciate different recreational exercises for around an hour prior to taking off to other Langkawi islets. On the off chance that you are going in a gathering and need to investigate the island as per your very own pace, speedboat rentals are accessible somewhere in the range of RM600 and RM900.


The island is remotely situated at the western side of the island and is generally part of the island bouncing bundle which is accessible by means of many visit specialists on the island. On the off chance that you are visiting amid pinnacle season, my recommendation is for you to book ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from disillusionment. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are visiting amid non-crest season, you will have the privilege to deal visit bundles with the movement operators. Island bouncing bundles can be as long as RM20/pax up to RM150/pax, contingent upon the number of islands and season.

Then again, you can organize your own private visit or join the stream ski bunch island jumping. Do tap in the city view to have a vibe on the island jumping trail along Island Beras Basah, Falcon Bay, and Island Dayang Hitting.

Tower Beras Basah Island


I touched base at Island Beras Basah as the principal stop after a long ride on the speedboat from Kuah Pier.

The island has nothing to offer aside from fine white sands and clear water full with fishes. I trust the cleanliness is as yet kept up after my visit else it will be a pity that such a lovely island isn't kept up.

The island is far from business activities and the waters are completely clear and brimming with marine life.

In the wake of landing at the pier, guests are permitted to investigate the island for 60 minutes, free and simple. I went to where the greater part of the traveler is, which is the shoreline on the left-hand side of the island.

The sand is fine and delicate and you can walk uncovered footed on the shoreline without the stress of cuts by harsh coarse sand. The reasonable and warm Andaman ocean water gradually lapping on the shoreline, alluring you to take a plunge.

Going out for a stroll on the peaceful shoreline is exceptionally unwinding. There are spots where you can have a fast excursion yet you have to carry your provisions with you.

There are a little hovel leasing swimming and swimming types of gear. Island monkeys are around to devastate your get-away, consequently deal with your things on the off chance that you are going for a plunge.

I left the island from that point towards the following goal, Island Dayang Hitting.

Island Dayang Hitting.


Generally speaking, I make the most of my short outing to Island Beras Basah in spite of the hot sun. I trust they permit a more extended remain on this lovely island as an hour is unquestionably insufficient. The perfect sand and clear water on a quiet island make it a perfect place to have a medium-term camp. I trust the island condition will be kept up regardless of the volume of traveler.

Island Beras Basah Island Area: 25km southwest of Kuah Value Range: RM80 – RM100 for half day island-jumping visit, RM600 – RM900 for the private speedboat.

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