Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, Langkawi in Malaysia

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, Langkawi in Malaysia

Taking a tour in Langkawi, Malaysia is some distance more than simply sand and sun. Towering at almost 100 meters, you'll find seven waterfalls flowing from one to some other; the final one dropping ninety meters down. This phenomenon is likewise called waterfall Telaga Tujuh to locals, or the Seven Wells Waterfall. Touted as considered one of Langkawi’s maximum beautiful natural wonders but regularly neglected, Telaga Tujuh is one of the most awe-inspiring locations to visit in Malaysia.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, Langkawi in Malaysia

The Adventure Up

Telaga Tujuh without problems appeals to both informal travelers who wish for a relaxing holiday Langkawi in addition to the extra hardcore thrill seekers. Accomplishing the top might require climbing greater than six hundred steps which may be quite a frightening task. A quick hike of 10 mins will come up with a sneak peek of the lower sections of the waterfall.
However, most visitors favor hiking for some other 10 mins to reach the mid-phase. Here you could find pools of water nicknamed “Wells” which might be formed from the waterfall. The ecosystem is pretty calm and enjoyable. It’s the precise area to kick back out.
For those who wish for a piece more adventure, a hike all the manner to the pinnacle will reward you a brilliant view of Pantai Kok and Burau Bay. It can be quite tiring and the steps are pretty steep. Setting apart time for rest and enjoying the splendor of the trip, a centered hike to the pinnacle will take as a minimum of 45 minutes. Because of this, many might as a substitute for spending their time inside the mid-section. Whether or not you’re in for a thrill or merely a relaxing hike, Telaga Tujuh caters for both.
The ride in itself is pretty exciting. On the way, it's miles probably to stumble upon a variety of thrilling animals. Macaques (or as most people would name them: monkeys) may be visible roaming around. Those mischievous creatures are unlikely to assault or cause any damage, but it might be an awesome idea to preserve a tab to your property. If you are especially lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of the majestic hornbill. A lovely surrounding dotted with lush panorama and serene vegetation makes Telaga Tujuh a profitable excursion in Langkawi.

A chunk of Folklore

Apparently, this magical environment has constructed up its personal set of superstitions and mysticism. Neighborhood folklore claims that the seven pools of water have emerged as the showering place of fairies. Their magic is stated to have trickled into the water, healing those who bathe in it. Others say that the magic in the pool bestows beauty upon folks who shower in it. Magical attraction apart, swimming in those swimming pools of water are discouraged for protection motives. Except that, Telaga Tujuh joins the list of mystical places to go to in Malaysia.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, Langkawi in Malaysia Visit

Some Precautions

In popular, it’s a safe hike up. Rope limitations had been placed to avoid site visitors from straying too near the threshold. Warning symptoms without a doubt indicate risky places during the trip up. Beware though, the areas across the seven wells are moist and slippery; watch your doorstep. Toward the begin of the journey, the ground may include sharp objects from nearby construction along with nails; a strong pair of footwear is recommended. The fauna in here, specifically the macaques, are rarely aggressive unless provoked.
Swimming in the pools of water at Telaga Tujuh is rather discouraged as it may be risky. Fatalities have befallen before; maximum of the time due to reckless folks who do now not heed the warning in location. So long as you're alert while hiking and heed the warnings and boundaries set up, your holiday in Langkawi might be a safe one.

Some Precautions

Sensible information

Telaga tujuh is located at mount mat cincang. It's miles a thirteen km from Langkawi international airport; around 20 mins well worth of using. Instead, you may travel there from Kuah which takes around 35 minutes. There aren't any entrance prices in any way; however, although there's a RM 2 parking fee in case you pick so. There are no last or opening hours, however, it’s great to hike in the course of the day because the region will become dark and threatening during the night.
For the ones coming in by means of the taxi, it might be clever to plot a return trip as finding a taxi in that place can show to be a task. In case you find yourself stranded without a taxi lower back, walk down telaga Tujuh Avenue and you will discover a lodge and oriental village in which you may try to hail a cab.

Summing Up

Status on the pinnacle of Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, you can experience at the area with nature. It's miles a beautiful adventure up and a calming stay as soon as there. For all those heading over to Langkawi, Malaysia, try and healthy this region into your schedule. It’s a calming give up to a relaxing holiday in Langkawi, furnished you triumph over the hike up.

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