7 Most Beautiful Island Tourist Destinations and Most Popular Of All Time, Thailand

The beauty of Paradise Island world tour Thailand, if you visit this country feels incomplete if not visit this tour. The following reviews 7 Thailand's most popular Island Tours:  

1. Similan Islands

About Koh Similan

Like ao Phang-nga, mu ko similan are also preserved as a countrywide marine park, extending over a place of 32,000 acres. Set inside the Andaman sea about a three-hour boat ride from the mainland, the nine islands of the archipelago are pretty distinct from those of Phang-nga. The islands are of granite, no longer limestone which makes them a rare beauty. The formations also are uniquely exclusive. Together with hiking trails and different onshore points of interest, however, similan’s popularity is its 30 high-quality and varied diving sites. Coral partitions, massive sea fans and barrel sponges, rock reefs, swim-throughs, and different underwater functions provide an extensive style of opportunities for experiencing, whilst lots of shallows find the money for high-quality situations for snorkeling.

Ko similan is the largest island with a huge fantastically curved bay named qo kuerk. The beach right here is white like powder. Snorkeling is feasible from here. To the proper is found the towering 'crusing rock', an image of ko similan which can be climbed so one can soak up a breathtaking view of the bay.

Miang Island

With sufficient delivery of clean water, ko miang is the second largest island in which the workplace and guesthouses of the similand marine national park are positioned.  The island is famous for its stunning beaches and colorful coral reefs.

Ko payu or ko Jed has a very stunning snorkeling and scuba-diving web site at the eastern shore. Many divers select this site to another because there are both hard and tender corals, sea fans, and many species of training fish. A minor website online is determined to the west, and some other to the north has rocks included with sea fanatics, the island has no seashore.

Ko Haa, to the west of the island, is a large underwater rock full of gentle corals. Nearby, lawn eels may be seen stretching their necks from holes in the sandy ground.

Ba Ngu or Hua ka Lok Island

Ko Hua ka lok or Skull Island is the seventh island inside the similan institution.  A rocky island of strange form, it looks like a cranium while regarded from one sure point.  Ko Hua ka look is renowned for its breathtaking underwater splendor on a many-tiered seabed.

Hu Yong Island

Ko hu yong is widely recognized for its longest strethch of white sandy seashore where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Ko Bon is positioned among the similan islands and ko tachai. There may be no seashore and the underwater surroundings right here is not as beautiful as elsewhere, but scuba divers might also frequently discover manta rays.

Ko tachai is placed at the northernmost tip of the park. There is a lovely white seashore on the island but no lodging. The water is suitable for scuba diving, and whale shark is regularly determined here.

Scuba diving

Ko hok
Diving may be accomplished across the island. The north is deep six rock. The west is rocky line switching with small corals. The large massive corals generally are in the deep place. The east is the most appropriate spot for diving. The coral reef steep slopes down. On the depth of approximately 25-35 meters, there are huge massive corals with very stunning smooth corals and sea fans. Alongside the shallow fringe of five-10 meters deep, there are also massive corals and soft corals. Quite a few fishes may be observed within the place. It's far one of the maximum lovely spots of the park.

Ko has
Here is the diving spot that appropriates for the evaluate dive. The sand ground is about 5-10 meters deep. The modern isn't always so strong. There are big corals scattering in small groups with sea fans and gentle corals living in. On the cease of the west is hin mean diaw, the huge rock with plenty of soft corals and sea fanatics. The encompassing sand floor is eel garden located a lot of garden eels residing in. Beyond that region is coral jungle where a harlequin ghost pipefish is found.

Christmas factor
It's miles the underwater rock on the north of ko kao (ba-Ngu) with the intensity of 15-30 meters. Below are complicated rocks much like myth reef. There are numerous fishes and nudibranchs.

Hin ka lok (ko Jed, hin pusa)
It's far a small uncovered rock surrounded with the aid of seawater of 20-50 meters deep. Now and again there is powerful modern-day, it ought to be very careful. There is a version window, a hole which can push your face forward for taking a photo. Inside the location regularly located sea turtles and mantis shrimps. There may be also a report of a frogfish inside the region.


Almost all of the coral reefs in similan place are deepwater coral reefs without positive edges. The coastal aspect is sand ground before hastily sloping into the blue sea. Coral reefs are in organizations, now not scattering around like other standard coral reefs. On the way to make your snorkeling greater enjoyable, we would like to suggest those selected regions.

Haad lek
It may be reached by means of taking walks from the park's lodgings (the identical trail as hairy leg mountain crab remark). It's miles the beach of clear water with coral reefs spreading in-corporations. Lovely fishes may be located like red saddleback anemonefishes, butterflyfishes, and angelfishes. Haad lek is an appropriate vicinity for practicing diving due to the fact there's no boat fee and short time is required (strolling only 20 minutes). It's far secure if you do no longer swim a long way away from the shore. Haad lek is likewise an interesting snorkeling night diving location (for the educated person only).

Ao keuak
It is located in the northwest of ko similan or ko paed. It is a large bay formed like a horseshoe with stunning white beach, and hin bai (crusing rock) or Donald duck rock, the image of similan.

Coral reef in ao keuak is in shallow water. You can swim from the shore. Generally, are branching corals. Inside the past, they may be very elegant, however now are in a deteriorated situation. But, it's far nonetheless stunning enough for any person to be inspired in an underwater world. Especially, for the night time-dive scuba diving, it's miles an appropriate vicinity with a hazard to peer many crustaceans along with spiny lobsters and slipper lobsters.

Ko hok
Coral reef on the east of ko hok (payu) is one of the most lovely shallow-water diving spots. The internal coastal shore is the sand floor with some staghorn coral in-organizations, the outdoor coral reef facet is ready five-8 meters deep with massive huge corals. Many corals have lots of gentle corals and sea fans. And it is the simplest spot in a thai sea that this smooth coral species is observed inside the shallow water that may be visible from the surface. (usually, it's miles determined on the intensity of extra than 10 meters.) Our team has ever found a massive shark coming in near the shore.

Evaluating to ao keuak, ko hok has an extra stunning coral reef. However, there may be no sandy beach for developing (or have some but difficult to come back up), the simplest buoy may be used for diving. Therefore, there are few traffic right here.

Travel facts

All through the open low season (from mid November to mid can also) both velocity boat and gradual boat ferry are to be had daily at lab Lamu pier in Phang nga, on dual carriageway no. 4. Organizations can charter the complete boat. The gap is 70 km. Phuket also has boat offerings to the similan islands.

Limited bungalows are available on Koh Si (no 4 islands or Koh mieng) and Koh paed (no eight islands or Koh similan). Campgrounds with tents and restaurants also are to be had on those two islands.

Park's mainland visitor middle is 5 km before reaching the tab Lamu pier. Cellphone variety is 076-595 054. On Koh mieng or Koh si (island no. 4), there's a headquarters for the islands.

2. Tarutao Islands

About Tarutao Countrywide Park

Tarutao countrywide park is composed of sixty-one islands, 7 of them covering extraordinarily huge areas, namely Tarutao, adang, rawi, lipe, Klang, dong and lek islands. The rest are small islands scattered on the east coast of Tarutao and surrounding adang and rawi islands. Consequently, the park may be divided geographically into predominant parts: the Tarutao archipelago, positioned 30 kilometers far away from the coast and the adang-rawi archipelago every other 45 kilometers to the west. The southern boundary of the countrywide park is the thai-Malaysian border with the island of Langkawi most effective five kilometers far from the southern tip of Tarutao islands.

Tarutao island covers a land region of 152 square kilometers and stretches for twenty-four kilometers in the north-south direction. The topography is in particular mountainous with the highest top reaching 713 meters. There are best few plains at the island, like at talo wao bay and talo u-dang bay, which have been used for planting off-seasonal crops and coconut plantations. Best the latter can nevertheless be found there as all residents had been moved out, whilst the island become declared Thailand's first marine countrywide park in 1974. Vital beaches are at phante malacca bay, chak bay and son bay which might be all located at the western coast.

Mu Ko Adang Rawi

Located 40 kilometers from the east of Tarutao island or 80 kilometers from the city. The 30 square-kilometer island possesses stunning sandy beaches and coral reefs.  There are several small islands round mu ko adang-rawi which includes ko li pe, ko dong, ko hin Ngam, and kao yang.

Diving can be accomplished round ko adang and ko rawi. The area of ko adang is mountainous and covered with woodland and has a huge waterfall wherein water runs all yr round.

Ko Li Pe

Located 2 kilometers from the south of ko adang. That is in which a sea gypsy village is situated. On the thirteenth-fifteenth day of the waxing moon in might also and November, sea gypsies would accumulate for a traditional party for three days and three nights. They might be a part of in constructing a ship to drift within the sea to within the notion that this will are expecting that fishing fortunes. The island offers coral reefs, a lovely bay, and a white sandy beach. Ao phatthaya is the most lovely bay on this island.  Privately-owned accommodation is available.

Ko Hin Ngam (Lovely Stone Island)

Due to its natural surprise, ko hin Ngam, part of adang archipelago, has attracted and stimulated visitors from faraway lands to witness the unspoiled beauty of the island. Ko hin Ngam or ko pulo possesses stunning stones polished and shaped by the eternal waves hitting the shorelines yr after year. The clean and brilliant surfaced stones of various sizes, shapes, and colors are an amazement to the sight of the beholders.

Ko Khai

Located within the west of Tarutao islands, 40 mins from Tarutao. The famous natural stone arch which is extremely of a symbol of a Tarutao national park is located on ko Khai. Coral reefs can be observed around the island. Tenting is not allowed on this island however swimming can be performed.

Activities on ko Tarutao

Walking trail from the countrywide park workplace on ao phante Malaka is a 12-kilometer walking trail which runs thru verdant wooded area all the manner to ao talowao. Various styles of trees, wild animals like wild boar and mouse deer, and birds, hornbills, in particular, are located along sides this path. An eight-kilometer strolling trail starts at ao ma lae ends at ao son, passing through the virgin forest where numerous styles of birds are located.  Fowl-looking is good here.

Boat rides on an extended-tail boat round island for eco-tourism is recommended. The national park presents boat provider with guides for traffic to tour round seashores. The adventure ought to start with fowl-looking on ao chak, going to see the longest white sandy seashore on Tarutao islands at ao son, tracing ancient trail on ao talo udang, enjoying herbal beauty on ao talowao, ending with diving and touring mangrove forests.  For extra information on a one-day trip, touch the tourist center on the Tarutao countrywide park.

Crocodile Cave

Placed in the hinterland of phante malacca bay, the cave may be reached by lengthy-tail boat along one of the most crucial streams of the islands, Khlong phante Malacca, that passes thru dense mangrove forests and the limestone cliffs of the northern a part of Tarutao. The doorway to the cave is above sea stage however within the cave, in which the ocean water enters subterranean transportation is by means of the raft on the way to be pulled through the cave along a rope.

The National Park Office

Placed at phante malacca bay. Traffic to the island needs to contact there and ask for permission to constructed up tents on certain areas or use the lengthy homes for his or her stay. There is a restaurant, a small keep and a small exhibition displaying the features of the islands.

How to Get There

By using bus
The transportation agency confined offers day by day services each of non-air-conditioned and air-conditioned buses, leaving from the southern bus terminals on the 0.33 kilometer on pinklao-nakhonchaisi avenue.
By teach
There's no direct educate service. Site visitors can take southbound trains going for walks day by day from Bangkok to Hatyai or Bangkok to yala. After that, traffic can take a taxi, bus, van to Satun for ninety-seven kilometers.

By means of aircraft
Thai airlines global gives each day flights from Bangkok to Hatyai. From Hatyai site, visitors can take a taxi, bus, van to satun.

A twice every day ferry operates from pak bara pier in Amphoe la-Ngu at the mainland, 65 km. North of satun. The space to Tarutao is 22 km. Boat rental services additionally perform from different piers in satun which includes ko nok pier, tam Malang pier, and che pilang pier.

Ko adang and ko lipeh also can be reached with the aid of ferry from Tarutao.

Pakbara pier - Tarutao Island - pakbara pier

From                 departure            arrival             remarks
Tarutao island        09:00                  10:30       > november - april handiest
Pakbara pier         10:30                   12:00      > november - april only
Tarutao island        12:00                   13:30      > november - april simplest
Pakbara pier         15:00                    sixteen:30      > november - april simplest

3. Racha Islands

About Racha Islands

The area in 23 kilometers from Phuket to the south lie the twin islands of ko Racha yai (big) and ko Racha noi (small) which provide appreciably better diving than do Phuket's western beaches. Enjoy lovely scenery, herbal environment, crystal clear waters, and empty beaches. Cross swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just lie inside the solar and enjoy the peace. Almost all diving operators offer in the future journeys to each of the islands and some provide a two-day liveaboard experience each week.

Racha Yai's satisfactory diving is off its east coast which makes it particularly appealing throughout Phuket's within the summer. Although visibility varies, it is able to be as properly as 25 meters or more. A typical dive is a mild waft alongside a sloping rocky face that is sprinkled with tough coral forests of many types. Mainly distinguished are staghorn corals of blue and tan. Regularly there are massive colleges of fake barracudas hovering over the reef, even as on the reef itself you may see octopus and cuttlefish in addition to the extra common tropical species.

Racha noi is popular for the more experienced diver, as depths are generally more and the currents frequently more potent than at its sister island to the north. The northern tip function a big top in which recognizing large marine life is particularly viable, even as the southern point is a pleasant drift dive with the brought bonus of getting a beautiful little seashore to go to throughout your surface c programming language. There's wooden deliver damage at approximately 27 meters on the southwest coast of the island which even though it does now not examine to some of the larger break dives in Pattaya, is an exciting deep dive. Not lots grow at the damage yet, but it attracts big quantities of reef fish. The diving right here is more difficult than Racha yai, but the rewards may be a great deal greater.
Accommodation is available on Racha yai in both of the pristine little bays at the northern side of the island.

A Way To Get There.

You may get to the coral island by means of pace boat from Chalong pier or rawai seaside. The boat experience takes about half-hour.

4. Koh Kham Islands

About Koh Kham Island   

The remaining time I was on Koh Kham turned into sixteen months in the past, some images of ‘koh Kham below production‘, however considering that then things have moved on.  The remarkable luxurious lodge, that turned into to be called ‘ananya hideaway’ is around 70% complete and production has stopped.  Most of the people of the workers have gone home and only a handful remain whose process it is to hold the location inaccurate order, water the plants and sift the superb white sand.

Whilst the lodge became being constructed it looked a bit like a concrete monstrosity, but now that some of the pool villas are completed I'm able to see what the concept at the back of the design turned into.  Mountaineering flowers are beginning to cowl all the concrete surfaces.  When the resort is completed, if it ever is, all concrete will be blanketed via the creepers and from a distance, you'll simply see inexperienced.  The lodge will blend in with tree cowl at the island. The motel becomes designed by way of one in all thailand’s main architects, duangrit bunnag, who has designed a few excellent structures inside the beyond – yet it doesn’t seem in his employer’s website portfolio.

The one strange part of the design is that the the front of the villas is entirely glass.  So they are very vivid internal.  However, simply all the villas face south – so it’s going to get particularly warm in there all through the daylight except the curtains are closed.
The owner has apparently decided to sell the island, asking fee is 1.5 billion baht.  In line with the koh mak rumour mill, a person is inquisitive about has offered under 1 billion baht.  The contemporary proprietor has consequently suspended all of the creation paintings pending the outcome of negotiations.  But even on the knockdown price of around 25 million euros ,it is hard to peer how it could make cash particularly given the jogging charges on an island wherein the entirety has to be delivered in via boat – which includes water.

Koh kham is only a brief kayak paddle from koh mak and is well well worth a visit before it turns into an island that is off limits to all but the splendid rich.  The white sand seashore has the whitest, powderiest sand you'll find everywhere – one of the motives is that there are workforce whose process its miles is to just sieve the sand, filtering out any dirt.

 Koh Kam Beach

5. Pulau Ko Lao Ya (Koh Laoya)

About Koh Lao Ya Island

That is a collection of 3 small islands which are widely recognized for their long white seashores, turquoise waters, green forests within the interior and lovable coral at shallow depths. A wooden bridge hyperlinks of the islands and the water underneath that is especially crystal clean.

Koh Laoya (Lao Ya) – Islands near Koh Chang

Koh-laoya-seashore-koh-chang-islands koh laoya or koh lao ya as it's far frequently seen written, sits off the southern quit of koh chang and incorporates 3 small islands, koh laoya nai, koh laoya klang and koh laoya nok. It is easily reached from salak phet or bang bao as part of day tours around the islands even though it does actually have a small old style thai inn.

Koh Laoya (Lao Ya) – The Islands

The biggest island, koh laoya nai is ready a 1 kilometre long and extensive, with hillside jungle on its indoors and an almost perfect long white sands beach, lapped by way of shallow clear blue waters, jogging the duration of its jap shore. There are splendid perspectives throughout to lengthy seaside on koh chang at the same time as, at its pinnacle cease, koh klum, a huge uninhabited island just out of bang bao, sits at the horizon.

Additionally ,at this ,a long way quit, the principle island is or became joined to the tiny koh laoya klang by a wood bridge, however ,this has fallen into disrepair, making the crossing, at gthe ift, no longer viable. The forested rock of koh laoya nok lies just a bit similarly south of them each.

Koh Laoya (Lao Ya) – The Resort and Tours

A solitary motel, used almost completely by using thai programs, flanks the only seaside at koh laoya, with a restaurant about midway down and a pier at the northern quit. The inn does no longer take delivery of visitors out of doors of the organised tours, happy rather to get hold of a constant circulation of daytrippers, even though in not anything just like the numbers skilled through koh wai.

Nor nou kai bae huts speedboat and the mr khai three island excursion, specially, visit the island as a part of their itinerary. Do please touch us for bookings.

Koh Lao Ya Map

Via hiring a release out of salak phet bay at 1,500bt or so, you may make your very own excursion to right here and the opposite nearby islands which include koh ngam. The adventurous, of path, kayak and it is straightforward to lease one from a motel across the bay at either salak phet or chek bae for 300bt, or thereabouts, per half of day. Koh laoya, but, is a truthful way out to sea, so we advise simplest experienced kayakers should try it.please click at the koh laoya map to enlarge.

6. Ko lim (koh lim)

About Koh Lim Island

The lovely koh lim is located in the popular countrywide marine park, positioned closer to the Japanese part of Thailand. Apart from koh lim, there are a few different islands close by.

Selections of things to see and do in koh lim are close to countless. In truth, the island’s herbal beauty and lovely landscape capabilities many scenic points, trails and luxurious foliage.

Koh Lim Lodging, Island Accommodations & Hotels Map, Thailand

Koh lim’s lush landscape functions a hilly terrain with high mountains and fertile forested areas. You’ll simply discover a few super hiking paths on the island. You can additionally discover the island’s scenic beauty and take a look at out the renowned diverse marine existence.
The island’s serene natural placing additionally includes lengthy stretches of palm trees – this seems lovely with the scenic backdrop that features stone cliffs and a rugged terrain. No marvel this island is a heaven for site visitors.

People who are coming right here from koh samui will have to come with the aid of the boat. Aside from diving and snorkelling, you could experience a chunk of fishing right here. In fact, these are a number of the best fishing spots round right here.

Choices of other a laugh sports in koh lim include kayaking, crusing and hiking.

7. Ko mak (koh mak)

About Koh Mak Island

Koh mak is a lovely tropical island in thailand with white sands and beautiful clean blue water. It’s the perfect region for a calming excursion. Koh mak is located in the countrywide marine park in eastern thailand and is the largest privately owned island in thailand.
Between koh chang and koh kood, about 40 kilometres from the primary land is koh maak. That is a in large part flat island covered in both rubber and coconut plantations with adorable long seashores.

The island may most effective be sixteen rectangular kilometres, but its natural sights loom big within the eyes of visitors. Certainly, this sand-fringed island makes for a super, romantic hideaway. Most of the people of the inns are located at the island's northwest and southwest bays, wherein the maximum breathtaking seashores are located. Since it does no longer have the mountainous topography of koh chang, the island additionally boasts many coconut and rubber plantations.

The island is set 16km² and is one of the safest locations within the global. Koh mak is a extraordinarily new island vacation spot and is still a nicely-kept mystery for most travelers. You may not discover a pattaya surroundings, as there is clearly no nightlife on koh mak. The island is about 40 km far away from the mainland so it'll usually be stored nicely far from the crowds.

There are lots to peer on koh mak with its 10,000 palm bushes, a buddhist temple, tree fishing villages, a clinic, a primary school, over 20 resorts, some shops, and restaurants. Koh mak has been attracting filmmakers who are looking for a stunning and unspoiled tropical vicinity and become also added to the top ten seashores in the global listing of the british newspaper the sunday times.

Koh mak is a quiet region for folks who are looking for a calming excursion. The island has stunning nature that's ideal for trekking trips. There's also a diving faculty where you may book diving and snorkeling trips. The close by Marine Park has the satisfactory choice of marine life Thailand has to offer.

Other sports encompass windsurfing, padding, swimming or attempting one of the new bicycle tracks across the island. There also are masses of guided excursion boot trips to visit neighboring islands. You can, of course, chose to loosen up in a hammock or get a conventional Thai rub down.

For lodging, site visitors ought to book a bundle excursion, usually 3 days and nights. Besides the more ritzy alternatives, like koh mak coco-cape with bungalows in the 3,000-baht-a-night time range, there are some places with simple, cheaper huts and mid-range bungalows, together with tk, which has lodgings for one hundred to 350 baht. These operations are extra amenable to non-bundle vacationers. .

Koh Mak Beaches        

As you can see from the above map pretty a lot all the accommodations lie on one of the two principal seashores.   But as most accommodations are fantastically small and there are masses of undeveloped beachfront land, you’re in no risk of feeling as although you are on a hectic, touristy island even in tthe op off-season.   And it is nevertheless smooth to get lost and find a few hundred metres of sthe eashore to you.

In the northwest of the island, suan yai seaside, offers sun worshipper’s the threat to toast themselves alongside a 2 kilometre stretch of wthe hite sand seaside. For a terrific photo possibility, head up the ridge on the western cease of the seaside, to thaidaho vista.  Here you may revel in an extremely good, panoramic along the duration of the seaside and north towards koh wai and  koh chang.

From koh mak vista its simplest 5 minutes stroll to the southwestern shore of the island where you’ll locate ao kao seaside, the northern stretch of that's the most advanced place on the island which small motels lining the seashore and an increasing number of small cafes and eating places on the primary road which runs alongside the rear of the accommodations. That is the busiest vicinity of the island and it's far where many site visitors head for dinner or a laid returned night out.

Boats from Koh Chang To Koh Mak

By means of gradual boat: each day departure at 0900 from bangbao. Go back at 1200. Takes 2 hours. Four hundred baht
By speedboat: every day departure from bangbao at 09:30 & 1200. Takes 40 mins. 600 baht
In 2010 a new speedboat provider from kai bae to koh mak become released, departures at 0900 and 1200.   Price six hundred baht.   For many human beings at the west coast that is a greatest provider to departing from bangbao as it saves a choose up truck trip alongside slim steep street and also you additionally get to peer the west coast of koh chang from the ocean. In case you need to e-book this just buy tickets for the kai bae hut speedboat from any tour agent.

The Way To Get To Koh Mak
The information underneath are for ethe xcessive season.   All through the rainy off-season, June – September, not all offerings run, even though you may nevertheless get to the island from the mainland.   Boats from koh chang to koh mak don’t operate from june-september.

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