The zero Kilometre Monument, Aceh Visit

The zero Kilometre Monument, Aceh Visit

Zero Kilometre monument became one of Aceh's sights that should not be missed. Usually, they visit Aceh took to selfie-selfie in this monument as a keepsake that they've stepped on zero points Indonesia. so, if it feels less complete vacations to Aceh but not yet selfie in with the background of this monument. The location of the monument in the village, Iboih Ujong Ba'u, Kec. Sukakarya, Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh. The distance between the zero kilometer monument and Sabang is about 29 km and takes approximately 55 minutes with the use of the motor vehicle.

Kilometer zero monument is located at Iboih village, Subdistrict Sukakarya, Sabang, Aceh province. It took about 1 hour away by car from the town of Sabang towards this monumental pillar.
During the trip from Sabang heading to this monument, visitors will be treated to the natural beauty of Weh island. On the right side of a Forest Hills appears green with dense vegetation. While the left side looks endless nan exotic and some islands which would fascinate matayang see it.

Often the visitors will encounter herds of wild monkeys along the way in the middle of the forest. The monkeys were staring at the lab to vehicles crossing hope of getting food.

Zero Kilometer, Aceh Visit
Kilometer zero monument was first inaugurated on 9 September 1997 by the Vice President when it was ruled by Try Sutrisno. About two weeks after it was inaugurated, on September 24, B.J. Habibie who at that time served as Minister of research and technology added some sort of inscription describes the determination of the geographical position of 0 kilometers Indonesia, which the measurement is performed by the Agency for assessment and application of technology uses Global Positioning System.
As tourist attractions, the kilometer zero Monument is also equipped with a range of facilities which are quite adequate. Around the monument, tourists can find a parking place, Garden, trash, public toilets, and also of musala. Right in front of the monument, visitors can also find a lot of dealers who sell souvenirs, coffee shops, restaurant to moms who peddle fritter and rujak is typical of Aceh.

After repeated renovation, kilometer zero Monument now looks increasingly pretentious. According to the inscription, the height of buildings reaching 43.6-meter monument from above sea level. While the design of the monument itself has some philosophy, such as the four pillars of the buffer being a symbol of the limits of the country namely Sabang to Merauke and Miangas to Rote Island. Then a great circle that is on the monument is the analogy of the 0.

Aceh Visit, Kilometer Nol

There is also a weapon in the towel at the monument, which became a symbol of that Aceh were also fighting for the independence of Indonesia. In addition, there is also octagonal-shaped ornament depicting the cornerstone of Islam, the culture of Aceh and the Indonesian archipelago in the broad scope of the corresponding 8-corner of the eye of the wind.
Because it is so monumental, tourists who came to Sabang definitely visit this monument. Time of event, tour the monumental Sabang Sail is bustling tourists.
the first to do most of the people who come to Weh island is to go to the monument of zero Kilometre or kilometer zero (0 km from Indonesia). The location of this place is approximately 30 kilometers from the city center of Sabang, or about 1 hour trip by road uphill and surrounded by large trees.
There is a supposition that is not complete go to Sabang if you don't visit Indonesia kilometer zero Monument. Sabang which is located to the West and Merauke in eastern Indonesia is often echoed in many national ceremonies. Indeed the two are used in the lyrics of the national anthem, "from Sabang to Merauke". The existence of this Monument has become a popular tourist attraction in Sabang.
Before the zero Kilometre Monument not groomed and hordes of monkeys to welcome guests. Travelers should even hold thirsty because there are no selling soft drinks. Exhausted visitors eventually will taste delights while enjoying views of the sunset in the Strait of Malacca.
But this time, the kilometer zero Monument (KM 0) or zero Kilometer Indonesia new has been built. The monument was built more magnificent and great and no more hordes of naughty monkeys. And a letter to  "kilometer zero of Indonesia's" standing in front of the monument. This image is similar to what was found on the beach Losari in Makassar.
On holidays or weekends, many tourists visit the Monument and kilometer zero photograph pointing letters kilometer zero Indonesia as background. This monument is very photogenic. Indeed, the monument with a height of 43.6 meters is still bewitching visitors.
In addition to the kilometer zero Monument or zero Kilometers that photogenic, there is another thing that most interesting of this monument, which is "custodian of the monument". Here his keepers are not human beings but rather a "Boar" are cute, adorable and benign named "Bronx". Wild boar (Bronx) is benign towards visitors and visitor sometimes feed him.

Having watched and photograph in the kilometer zero Monument, visitors can enjoy drinks at stalls along the lip of the ramp. Some stalls also sell original souvenirs from Sabang, like t-shirts and cake.
Kilometer zero monument Indonesia inaugurated by Vice President Try Sutrisno in September 1997. The road leading into this rather quiet Monument. But you will enter the area of protected forest which is quite refreshing.
Finally, visitors will get a certificate as a proof that has visited the monument kilometer zero in Sabang from the Department of culture and tourism city of Sabang.

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