The first Island (Pulau Batee) Aceh Visit

The first Island (Pulau Batee) Aceh Visit

The island First became attractions in Aceh next that you can visit. The location of the island there is in Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh Province. 
To achieve this exotic island of nan travelers must use the ship's boat for crossing the sea with estimated travel time about 20 minutes from the Centre of the city of Banda Aceh. 
This beautiful island has always been populated mostly by tourists who are vacationing on the weekend or when the holiday season comes. Because the island is perfect for a place to vacation, with calm waves, coastal state quite ramps, making it very suitable if you go here with the family or beloved spouse.

The FIRST meaning of the rock, is a private island which is not populated. The beauty of nature at the tip of Sumatra island is surrounded by the islands of Nasi and Bunta, both located in the region of Aceh Besar Regency administration.

According to history, the headstones of Aceh that beautifully carved by the sculpture during the Kingdom comes from Pulo Batee (Rock Island). Teuku Teungoh Meraxa one who is said to have a land inheritance in Pulo Peukan Bada Subdistrict, Batee, Aceh Besar. There are a number of visible wildlife, such as magpies, rock Eagle, boar, and monkeys. This uninhabited island is the location is very convenient for the turtles to lay their eggs every year.

Pulau Batee, Aceh Visit
You take 20-50 minutes to get in Pulo Batee. Depart on the morning of Ulee Lheue Pier through is the right choice. Gratitude-gratitude if rising sea tide, ocean waves are not too big. Transportation to the island There could use a fishing boat measuring 8 x 2 meters, capable of carrying a maximum of 11 people.
Not all handler boat want to deliver to Pulo Batee citing difficult moves up the coast, due to a large number of rock reef which surrounds the island so that only an experienced handler that can be rested on the island boat. Do not be surprised, when the boat when anchored to the first island. ' Handler ' Aduen boat should be twirling at one place only boat behind while lowering the acceleration of the engine. He said waiting for the "waves of death" to be docked to the island First.
Sources of fresh water are somewhat difficult to find it. Find a well of fresh water must pass a footpath filled grass weeds and shrubs spiked close to Fisherman's cottage. The source of the water is 200 meters from the beach. It looks like the rare visitor who comes to set her foot on the island.
For those of you who want to enjoy the experience of the first island, should carry a supply of food, beverages, water gallons, such as tents, camping equipment mats, cooking utensils, flashlights, power, camera, and other outdoor gear if you want to dive, snorkeling and fishing.
The island offers the impression there was a very natural like a private island, not people, but the GSM signal strong enough to create just an online social media. Virgin forest activities suited jungle tracking, hiking. Want to enjoy the beauty of the beach, there are activities of snorkeling, diving, and fishing. If you want to wear the tour guide or would like to ngetrip bateng, one of the tourist community, Aceh Adventure can enjoy Adventure Island guide you not this people.

Another interesting tourist attractions and yet cool to fill your holiday in Aceh province is the island First. The island is part of the Aceh Besar District and offers a pure atmosphere and feel comfortable for travelers. The first in the local language means stone. The name is inspired by the historic and beautiful headstones made by famous local artists during the era of the ancient Kingdom. It also revealed that the island belongs to a certain person at that time. However, currently, it is a good destination to enjoy a peaceful vacation either alone or with the family. The location is the most Eastern Island in Sumatra and was on the island rice and Bunta in Indonesia.

Pulau Batee Aceh Visit 2

Surrounding Environment
There is no local residents were seen on the island and that meant there was no one living there. No wonder, the nuances of which is the quite quiet and unspoiled natural environment. In terms of size, the island has an area of approximately 70-100 hectares. According to the people of Aceh, an island that belongs to Teuku Teungoh Meuraxa but inheriting it to locals to be one of the attractiveness of the province of Aceh. Featuring beautiful beaches and lush trees, the island is sure to be the right choice for those who want to spend a long vacation.

Explore The Island There Was A
So tourists arrived on the island the first, they might just see the charms of nature. There is no permanent buildings are visible on the site so that visitors will feel rejuvenated with nature. Probably the best place to be explored is the beach, where they could see the turtle nests. If they come at the right time, they even get to watch the process of persarangan! In addition to the turtles, tourists can find other wild creatures that live in the forest including local birds, wild boar, monkeys, and others. This explains why the Government considers the island as a nature reserve and a potential tourist attraction in the province of Aceh.
Aside from the white sandy beaches, the island there was also famous for its grass meadow that has a view of the sea. This beach is the best place to relax and enjoy the still small voice, actually. Next, you have to go to fishing spots and fishing activities around the island because there was still a lot of fish. You can even catch small Octopus and lobster there! One thing, make sure to bring in bottled water and fishing rods. Because there is no food vendors and other facilities available there. Driving around the island is indeed tiring, so you need to set up supplies before heading to the island.

The Journey To The First Island
From the city of Banda Aceh, the traveler should go to the Aceh Besar District in advance. The distance is 31 km so it took about 1 hour to get there. Furthermore, they need to be headed for the port of Ulee Lheu and chartered boats to cross to the island First. It took about 2 hours to get the first Island.

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