tour Lake Tawar, Aceh - Indonesia

Lake Tawar, Aceh - Indonesia
Attractions in Aceh next is Lake tawar located there in Gayo Highlands of Central Aceh Regency. The West Coast is the town of Takengon town of Takengon, the capital of Central Aceh.
Lake with an area of about 5,472 hectares and its length reaches up to 3,219 km this became one of the tourist destinations in Aceh which is a shame to miss.
Tourists can see the Lake from the Gayo Highlands, from the plateau it can be seen how the extent of the Lake. With a view that is quite beautiful, where visitors will be disappointed not to enjoy the scenery around the Lake when seen from a height which is pretty amazing.
Lake Tawar, Aceh

Lake Tawar, tourist places full of charm in Central Aceh
Lake Tawar – there is one of the attractions in Central Aceh that made me want to come back. A beautiful Lake located in Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh district of Aceh Province. Tour Lake Tawar. Attractions, spot photos, nature tourism, tourist places full of charm.
Lake Tawar, Aceh tourism potential a place preferred photo hunting tourists. Popular with young kids who love adventure, suitable also for children to adults. Go list, along with his friend's more cool community, also when traveling with family.

Quite frankly, at first I was a bit reluctant to go all the way from Banda Aceh is heading for Takengon. Originally thought the image of the Lake is just the same as other lakes in Indonesia. But my mind turned out to be a great one. See direct, around a few times, experience the streets along with comrades. Lake Tawar turns out to save a lot of beauty.

Panorama Of Lake Tawar
The Lake holds great beauty, the story of its origin, and mystery, it is very worth to be seen. I love its beauty. I do not know the history of the origin of its name. But stories of comrades in Takengon, so named because it is such a vast sea of fresh water with taste.
The combination of the plain, hilly, and the waters surrounding Lake Tawar presents the beauty of nature.
We can see also the daily activity of the Gayo Highlands communities around the Lake. From farm, fishing, gardening, hunting vermin plantations.
The largest lake in Aceh has an area of about 5,472 hectares. Length approx. 17 km with a width of about 3.2 km fro the first time, I along with coauthors bicycle community of Banda Aceh. They surround the Lake via the circular Lake with its many slopes, derivatives, and twists. Those 2 notes &, I joined car escorting them from behind. GA was powerful.
Many beautiful photo spot around the perimeter of the Lake. Didn't get stopped at all places and photographed a lot. Make me come again at a later time with other comrades.
Colorful hilly grasses vary in any other season. Sometimes green sometimes yellowish. Give different nuance to every of my visit.
One moment the sky is cloudy and white dominated because of the rain, cool also drinking coffee at warung near the lake shore. Enjoy a calm atmosphere. In fine weather, another opportunity spoil the photographers with a blue sky. All the beauty of each.

Tourism and lodging Lake Tawar
To enjoy the beauty of Lake Tawar we no need to pay admission. We can freely choose the where to relax with. In some places, the scenery is very beautiful.
Don't forget to enjoy a culinary tour on the Lake. Gayo sipping coffee. Or mental depik fish that tastes savory. Can ask-ask in restaurants that are in Takengon.

For lodging, we can choose to stay in the town of Takengon or lodging which is in the edge of the Lake. Three-time visit, I prefer to stay in the town of Takengon. Maybe next time choose a stay at the lake shore.

The Road To Takengon

There is a road to Rome, there is also a road to Lake Tawar. There are 3 (three options) If you want to stroll into the Takengon (Lake Lut Tawar). Bus/travel to Banda Aceh – Takengon. Mileage Banda Aceh – around Takengon 315 kilometers in a time of 7 hours.
The second option is using the bus from Medan. The mileage Field Takengon is 427 kilometers, in a time of 9.5 hours. According to my observation, the bus to Takengon pretty good-good.  Ticket prices between Rp 140,000 – Rp. 170,000. But I've never tried it.
I know, many in Aceh, although buses are air-conditioned, smoke drivers often drove. Even some of the bus companies, leaving its passengers smoking in the bus air-conditioned executive buses except while maintaining passenger comfort.

The third option is using the aircraft. There are flights Medan – current Takengon. From the airport of Kuala However (KNO) to the airport Rembele (TXE). With prices starting from Rp 400,000. Medan flights travel time – 60 minutes of Takengon. Rembele airport was inaugurated by the President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Joko Widodo.

Road, Lake Tawar Aceh

Come to Lake Tawar
Three times the streets into Lake Tawar I always enjoy the beauty of nature, culture, culinary and hospitality comrades in Takengon. Not to kapok and not get bored, even like to come back one time later.
The atmosphere of a typical Highland beauty is certainly different from the atmosphere of the beach. Become one of the attractions in Central Aceh should you try if it were in Aceh.
May nature, flora, and fauna remained awake. And Lake Tawar matured. Come visit here.

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