Home Cut Nyak Dien, Aceh - Indonesia

Home Cut Nyak Dien, Aceh - Indonesia

The House cut nyak diet can you make like a tourist destination in the history of Aceh, especially when you vacation with the kids, introduced the figure of the hero is very important so that growing sense of love against the struggle of the hero and the nation.
Cut neck died noted as one heroine who fought against the invaders in Earth Mecca's Porch Netherlands.
At the Museum, tourists can see the archives he struggles in his struggle to repel the invaders the Netherlands. But unfortunately, the House is only a replica of the original houses have been burned because in the year 1896. There are original parts including the well where the lip of the well gets to the second floor of the House Cut Nyak Dien. Although only the replica you will still find positive values while in this place.
Address: Lampisang Village, Subdistrict Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar.

The seat Cut Nyak House Museum is a museum that used to shelter Cut Nyak Seat and Teuku Umar, there are several collections such as the towel and machetes.

Home Cut Nyak Dien, Hero Aceh
The Seat Cut Nyak House Museum, In Memory Of The Acehnese Heroine
In addition to known to have a dazzling natural charm, Aceh is also the province that has a long history. The province is located on the tip of Sumatra island bore many national heroes who fought against the occupation of Netherlands. No wonder in this area can be found some of the historical sights such as the Museum Houses Cut Nyak Seat.
The seat Cut Nyak House Museum is a museum that will alert a moment with this steel-hearted heroine. Srikandi Indonesia is indeed known by the establishment of a firm and brave in leading an army to fight against the Netherlands. In the museum, visitors can see a towel-like weapon that used to be used by him.
Administratively, it is located in the village of Lampisang, district Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh province. To reach the Museum Cut Nyak House Seat, tourists should at least drove approximately 10 kilometers or travel for 20 minutes from the city of Banda Aceh.
Its location is right on the edge of the highway, tourists also make it easy to find the location of the seat Cut Nyak House Museum. Travelers can use private vehicles like cars or motorcycles, and public transportation is also available that can be used by tourists. Road conditions from Banda Aceh Peukan Bada Subdistrict heading are also very good and term pal.

History Museum Houses Cut Nyak Seat
Cut Nyak Seat was born in 1848 from noble named Nanta Teuku Setia and mother named Uleebalang Rampage. Since the small Cut Nyak Seat had been introduced by his parents ' religion, so he grows up to be women who will obediently the teachings of Islam.
When he was only 12 years old, Cut Nyak Seat has been married to Teuku lamnga Ibrahim Checks. But unfortunately, the marriage does not last long, due to the Brutal Checks Ibrahim Lamnga died while fighting against the Netherlands. The death of the husband made Cut Nyak Seat very angry to the Netherlands and promised to crush the Netherlands until finished.
Some old hose, Cut Nyak Seat he proposed by Teuku Umar then is a figure who also fought against the Netherlands. Initially, the proposal was rejected by him, but due to Teuku Umar allow Cut Nyak Seat fights against the invaders any eventual proposal accepted.
Alongside Teuku Umar, the seat Cut Nyak marriage was blessed with a son named Cut Gambang. Teuku Umar himself also died in the attack on Meulaboh on February 11, 1899. While the Cut Nyak Seat died on 6 November 1908 in exile in Sumedang, West Java.
In the struggle of the Teuku Umar together Cut Nyak Seat were tinged with the defection to the Netherlands Teuku Umar. Are reaping a lot of opposition from people who consider Teuku Umar had defected. In fact, it is the strategy of the Teuku Umar in order to access the Netherlands weaponry.
Because the Netherlands considers Teuku Umar was on his part, the Netherlands gave a home to Teuku Umar. That is the House which is now a Museum House Cut Nyak Seat. But the buildings that now can be seen is a replica of the building which was made to resemble the original.
The House is said to have been burned to run out by the Netherlands know that Teuku Umar was only pretending in 1896. The House was rebuilt by the Ministry of education and culture as well as unveiled by Fuad Hasan who at that time served as Minister of education and culture in 1987.

The Charm Of The Museum Houses The Seat Cut Nyak

When it arrived at the site of the Museum House Cut Nyak Seat travelers will be able to see the presence of a well that is very high in front of the main door. Well, that was deliberately made with a height of two meters in order to reach the Netherlands parties unable to poison the water in the well.
Like a traditional house, Aceh in General, the design of the seat Cut Nyak House Museum also has a shape that is almost the same. House size stage with 25 meters x 17 meters and has a wooden pole buffer 65. The main door has a size that is small enough so that tourists have to bend down to get into the House.
When it has entered the House, it will feel a cool and beautiful atmosphere. The walls of the room were made of wooden boards, as well as the roof is decorated with coconut leaves and boughs of old. A room in the Museum Houses Cut Nyak this Seat belongs to the spacious and there are also many doors connecting rooms with one other room.
On the walls of the room, tourists can see the lineage of heroine Indonesia. In addition, there is also a collection of depicting war in Aceh. Tourists need not to worry because there are explanations under each ornament that is in this museum.
Enter other spaces in the museum, there is a collection of chairs with carved wood typical of Jepara displayed neatly. In the middle row of seats is the estimated table is a place for the people of Aceh to negotiate to determine the strategy. In the room are also to be found the collection of weapons used Cut Nyak Seat i.e. the towel and machetes.
On the seat, Cut Nyak House Museum is also able to see rooms that used to be used by the Cut Nyak Seat. Although only replicas, they made the design similar to the original without reducing or adding details. These rooms were decorated by the curtain is yellow as well as rooms have Kings.

If traveling on the seat Cut Nyak House Museum, tourists do not need to be confused because here there is a guard who is ready to deliver tourists to see the museum. Patiently, the guide will explain the history and the stories contained in the collections of the museum.

Cut Nyak Dien Facilities Aceh
Museum Facilities Home Cut Nyak Seat
Facilities available at the Museum Houses Cut Nyak this Seat is quite complete. There is a spacious parking area which can be used by travelers to park the car, and there is also a toilet. In addition, there is also a guide who always kindly at travelers who want to know more about the history of Cut Nyak Seat.
If the Muslim travelers and want to do the prayer, there are a couple of mosques could be used around the location of the museum. After visiting the museum, visitors can also enjoy a coffee with a culinary tour of the typical Aceh provided simple food stalls around the site.
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In addition, the immediate vicinity of the Highway near Museum House Cut Nyak Seat travelers can also hunt gift shop snacks typical of Aceh. There are several shops selling typical cake Aceh as Bhoi, Timphan, Dodol, Keukarah, Adee and many more.
A visit to the museum not only provides the experience of traveling but also about the history of education. The following activities can be done when tourists visit the Museum House Cut Nyak Seat.
Historical Tourism
If you are a lover of history, then the seat Cut Nyak House Museum is worthy of being the Watamu destinations while in Aceh. Ingatanmu will be refreshed again with one of the best female heroes possessed by Indonesia.
In the museum, you can see various collections such as the rencong weapons and machetes that were used by the seat and Cut Nyak Teuku Umar. In addition, you can also see various collections depicting the events of the war in Aceh.
Opening hours and Admission Prices
The seat Cut Nyak House Museum opened to the public daily from 08.30 to 12.30 and 14.00 to 17.00 pm. To enter the museum, tourists are not charged at all but only asked to donate some to the care of the museum.
Tips on traveling Museum Houses Cut Nyak Seat
1.      Polite and keep Berperilakulah said a Word when were in the museum.
2.      It is prohibited to smoke, eat or drink in the museum.
3.      Keep hygiene museum with no litter.

4.      Always keep the sustainability of the museum and don't damage the museum collections.

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