Charm Forest Park Pocut Meurah, Aceh Visit

Charm Forest Park Pocut Meurah, Aceh Visit

Attractions in Aceh next interesting enough for us to head to, namely in the form of Park forest. The name of the forest Kingdom Pocut Meurah Diamond alone is the name of a female descendant of Aceh and was known as a brave fighter against the Netherlands. 
The Park has its own entry in the 2 districts namely Aceh Besar Regency and Pidie Districts also. Where the distance is approximately 70 km from the city of Banda Aceh, and the spacious park is approximately 6300 ha and in it, there are a variety of natural resources in the form of flora or fauna is in it.

Aceh may indeed not be-famous Bali as one of the favorite tourist spots in Indonesia. However, don't get me wrong guess, Aceh also has a wide array of natural attractions that are very interesting to visit. The beauty of nature in Aceh will certainly provide an attractive alternative to a vacation. One of the very exciting holiday spots in Aceh is Pocut Meurah forest park diamond. Park forest is very interesting with a variety of flora and fauna are protected. Well, let's see in detail these sights.

Layout Of The Garden Jungle Kingdom
The layout of the garden jungle Kingdom existed in Saree, Valley Seulawah, Aceh Besar Regency. If you want the heading to these sights, you must traverse a distance of approximately around 60 km or 1-hour road trip from Banda Aceh. This forest park is between the foot of Mount Seulawah Inong and Seulawah Agam. The condition of the road leading into this place is already relatively well so tourists certainly will not be inconvenienced in travel.
Charm Forest Park
Well, you might ask, what's interesting sights from this one. Yes, forest park Diamond Meurah Pocut did indeed save many very interesting things that could certainly make this place as one of the best vacation spots along with family at home. Then, what are the charm of this forest could be a consideration to get there? Here there are some interesting things you should know about.

Tree House Meurah Diamond
Meurah tree house is one of the very interesting charms of the natural attractions of this one. In the forest park, you'll find a very exotic tree located between two pine trees. In addition, the tree house is also very attractive with old Brown wood that presents a classic feel.

Tree houses are there in this forest park can accommodate up to 15 people. When you're in a tree house, you can take pictures with the family against the backdrop of dense pine forest beautiful. Of course, this is a great idea to perpetuate an extraordinary moment.

Forest Park Pocut Meurah, Aceh Visit

As already mentioned at the beginning, children of the forest Kingdom Pocut Meurah Diamond is one of the best family tourist spots. This is due to the forest, you will find a children's playground which is very interesting.
In the playground, there are several rides in a unique and very interesting, such as swing and also a prison. In addition, there are several unique gazeboes around the perimeter around the Park which of course would be the perfect place to rest.

Waterfall Tahura
Other spots can be found at this spot is Tahura waterfall. This is one of the most interesting spots are there in the forest Kingdom Pocut Meurah Diamond could be the place fit to feel more coolness. At the falls, you can see the beauty of nature that is still very beautiful and original. In addition, the waterfall is also quite profusely and beautiful even though they must travel on a trip quite tiring.
Well, from some of the points above, it can be seen that the children of the forest Kingdom Pocut Meurah Diamond are one of the very interesting sights in Aceh to visit. Organize your holiday time with your family and visit this place. For the entrance fee, you simply pay for every 10.000 people.

Waterfall Pocut Meurah Aceh

Tourism is here not only Tahura itself but there are many other interesting sights. Tourism in Meurah Pocut Tahura Diamond is as follows:
• a hot water waterfall.
• sulfur Craters.
• the composition of the rock Cliff.
• Rocky Mountain Floor.
• elephant Mountain.
• Stone Monkey.
• Dam relics of Netherlands and others.
Wow complete enough isn't it? Be a pity to miss.

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