5 Attractions in Aceh that Fascinates the interesting Visit - Aceh - Indonesia

5 Attractions in Aceh that Fascinates the interesting Visit - Aceh - Indonesia    

Attractions in Aceh-what is mirrored within the minds of your armpits to listen to the name of Aceh? this can be the Mecca verandah city of the province of Indonesia's westmost and northmost island. Aceh province has uncountable potentials, the potential of the natural, cultural, tourism, human resources till an awfully long history and good.

Former Aceh could be a Country that joined with the Usmani, and Turkey remains entwined closeness between the 2 areas. The province with a population of four.5 million folks has a lot of stunning beaches. The terrible events that have occurred in Aceh, that the tsunami on 2004. Well, you'll be able to see a tidal wave depository is currently one in every of the holidaymaker attractions within the active visited Aceh.

In addition to the tidal wave depository, there square measure still an awful heap of holidaymaker places in Aceh that is fascinating for us to explore. Their square measure several stunning beaches, stunning waterfalls, places for diving aren't inferior to the jap Republic of Indonesia, and plenty of a lot of attractions in Aceh that we have a tendency to should not miss throughout the vacations arrive.

Attractions in Aceh that's passed

The following tour auto-summary a number of the sights in Aceh that we have a tendency to suggest to you to go to throughout the vacations to the region that features a special autonomy:

1. The tsunami depository

Attractions in Aceh tidal wave depository is 1st an area to commemorate the events of that sorrowful in 2004. many thousands of individuals dead and missing, ravaged homes, faculty buildings, and public facilities were broken. however these events terribly sorrowful not just for Indonesia except for Muslims worldwide.

Tsunami Museum Aceh
For those of you who need to pay a visit to the deposit please come back wrote to the ruler Iskandar Muda Street no.3, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh, Aceh 23243.

The following are a number of the area that may pass once Aceh tsunami Museum:

• corridor of a tsunami. the primary facility that you simply will see is an aisle within the corridor wherever the tsunami you'll be able to hear the roar of the body of water that reminds regarding the arrival of the tsunami. the sunshine within the corridor dimly tsunami museum and additionally the dark, corridor it additionally samba. The Hall was referred to as the house of worry that depicts the fears of the individuals of Aceh once the tsunami came.

• house record. The second area could be an area choked with recollections with memory, here there are twenty-six monitors that became the logo of that moving ridge that occurred on 26 Dec 2004. every monitor can show photos and pictures of individuals who became victims of the tsunami. the design and therefore the image is served within the monitor within the type of slides.

• Well prayers. you furthermore mght will see the invocation of the well that has the form of a cylinder and therefore the light-weight is Dim. the peak of {the room| space|the ara} was thirty meters and there are a pair of thousands of additional names who became victims of the tsunami disaster. The name is written and provided in every wall of the well the prayer. The philosophy of this mass grave is that the house that exists once the tsunami. guests who get into this area it's judicious to hope in accordance with religions adhered.

• corridor chimney. once wanting round the smart prayer, we tend to may see a chimney designed within the aisle floors are winding and uneven floors. The that means of this style is to explain the worry, confusion, and therefore the despair knowledgeable by the individuals of Aceh once the tsunami-stricken. several communities are confused with the direction that may be taken, the confusion once sorting out some lost relatives, confusion thanks to the loss of a range of fabric possessions. This space is additionally dominated by dark hallways that will later bring guests heading to the natural light-weight that includes a philosophy within the type of his lifespan.

• Bridge of hope. Well, once prying all that, there's an area that was named once the bridge of hope. Here you'll be able to see the upright 54 54 flags from countries who socialize in serving to the individuals of Aceh suffering from the tsunami. In a number of the flags were there labeled with the word "peace" that is written supported the language of every country. Words of peace that's a mirrored image of peace from Aceh of the assorted wars and conflicts that occur before the tsunami strikes. The presence of the tsunami and earthquake disaster additionally happened in Aceh, the planet will see primary however the condition of Aceh and therefore the country serving to understand the peace that exists in Aceh. They additionally participate in the reconstruction of the city of Aceh once the tsunami disaster occurred.

How? you're interested to go to the deposit this tsunami? This tsunami deposit ought to be entered within the list of attractions in Aceh which can be visited throughout the vacations here.

2. Rubiah island

Attractions in Aceh next is that the Rubiah Island rather set in Sabang, on the Northwest island of Weh. The island is known as Rubiah island is predicated on the present headstone on the island. On this island, you'll be able to do exciting diving and skin diving activities here. The underwater great thing about Rubiah island is incredibly wonderful, wherever there are 14 of the 15 ocean life that are presently protected in Indonesia.

The beauty of tropical fish and exquisite coral reefs are colorful we are able to relish subsurface Rubiah island. particularly for you a brand new couple, here you get a honeymoon that may not be forgotten. Your honeymoon is completely different and can undoubtedly bear in mind going for a lifespan.

Aceh province truly has correct sights to supply, one in every of that is that the Rubiah island. Rubiah island is found at the Western tip of Sumatra Island, offers the charm of the wonder of its bottom. The island has a section of roughly 26 hectares. thanks to its charm below the richness of the marine park or ocean Garden of Nuns Nuns nicknamed paradise diverse.

Rubiah island is an element of the city of Sabang, at the Northwest island of Weh. The island is mere regarding 250 meters from Iboih Beach. throughout the bloom of the dominion of Aceh, Rubiah island could be a transit purpose for would-be pilgrims, and through World, War island is that the Stockade that as yet still visible ruins of the defensive structure. But now, because the development of world touristry, Rubiah island was created into a preferred traveler destination for divers.
Rubiah Island
Tourism Object

Rubiah island with its garden offers the charm of natural beauty below the ocean that may be interesting for anyone who visited it. you'll notice several species of tropical fish like angelfish, clams, a huge college of parrot fish, lion fish and etc. There are numerous sorts of coral reefs. To be ready to fancy its natural beauty, you do not need to have a driver's license. as a result of on this island, there are lots of dive spots that area unit safe to use for the activity of diving for beginners or different who don't have already got a license.

Aside from being a travel destination, Rubiah island may be a place of quiet study. There square measure 15 sorts of marine life is protected by the govt of Indonesia. when conducting dive or snorkel, you'll handle your belly at the food stalls solely found on this island. For the matter of facilities and accommodation, Rubiah Island so continues to be terribly marginal, as a result of the island continues to be inhabited.

The location of the

Rubiah island was on the island, Sabang, Aceh, Sumatra.


To reach Rubiah Island, you'll through the route from Banda Aceh Towards Weh island by victimization ferries or speedboats. Time took if victimization the ferry around ninety seconds, for the quick ship solely takes concerning 45 minutes. incoming at Weh Island, you'll proceed to Rubiah island by boat motor that takes concerning 20 minutes.

Facilities and accommodations

Although it's a preferred travel destination, the Marine Park Nuns still terribly bottom for facilities and accommodation. There square measure just one food stalls, wherever diving and snorkel diving gear rentals and boat rentals are used for diving or snorkel diving.

3. fancy the wonder Of Underwater Iboih Beach

In addition to Iboih Beach Rubiah Island, you'll be able to additionally visit the beach, Iboih that its beauty is extremely fantastic. Iboih Beach even it's the foremost lovely beach in Aceh.

The beauty of this beach is within the kind of white sand beaches and swish water and beach, Iboih Toska inexperienced or cerulean, terribly fun after you will linger on the coast.

A very lovely beach bak ' heaven ' is appropriate for a visit by the couple to honeymoon. A quiet atmosphere and exquisite scenery build our hearts become peaceful. the planet gave the impression to belong to each folk.

You can additionally fancy the wonder of marine life on the beach. snorkel diving and diving activities you'll be able to do here, even while not the diving you'll be able to already fancy the underwater fantastic thing about the beach as a result of it's terribly clear water.

Guaranteed you will be happy to linger on this beach. Iboih beach is found on the West Bank of Weh island. At Iboih village, Subdistrict Sukakarya, Sabang District, province of Banda Aceh.

One of the favored beaches there's on the island of island i.e. Iboih Beach. Iboih beach is additionally usually referred to as Teupin Layeu, placed within the West of the island of Weh, the Western tip of the island. This island coast offers a range of beauty which will build your guests affected.

Iboih beach is really a port that's used for the heading Rubiah island. though a port, the wonder of the beach, Iboih little question. Its crystal clear water and have the color gradations of blue-green and clean white sand and is enclosed by protected forest, Iboih is like "Heaven" has hidden reminder calm and peace.

Iboih Beach, Aceh - Indonesia
Tourism Object

Activities which will be undertaken on the beach, Iboih Sumatra particularly diving and skin diving, as a result of it's a peaceful ocean wave. The tourists will fancy the underwater diversity with a good variety of species of fish and coral reefs. additionally, you'll be able to conjointly fancy the wonder of the volcano that sits below water level. For tourists who need to expertise the fun of seeing the wonder of the underwater and do not bring gear snorkel, you would like to not worry, as a result of there are diving or skin diving instrumentality rentals.

With a calmness that owned this island coast, beach, Iboih is ideal for refreshing the mind. The tranquility of the beach and also the fantastic thing about the exotic atmosphere makes comfort this beach appeared quiet and peaceful. If you would like to feel the calmness of the previous and see the sunrise or sunset, you'll be able to rent a family bungalow situated on the sting of the beach.

The location of the

Iboih beach is found within the village, Iboih Sukakarya, Sabang, sub-district, Aceh, Sumatra.


Access to achieve the beach, Iboih, will be started from the port of Ulee Lheue in Aceh province. after they arrived there, you'll be able to use the ferry headed for the port of Balohan, Sabang. inbound at the port of Balohan, you'll be able to use transport to travel to the beach, Iboih.

Facilities and accommodations

Some of the facilities and accommodation that are on the beach, Iboih island i.e. Inn/cottage, edifice situated in Gapang, toilet, place of worship, a rewarding search, an area to rent skin diving and diving.

4. The Baiturrahman mosque

Baiturrahman place of worship became attractions in Aceh. The place of worship had started the qualitative analysis from 1612 it into the nonsecular business destination to not be lost.

This place of worship once a wave event then became an area of the community for shelter. an awfully historical place of worship for the folks of Aceh was designed by the ruler of Aceh at the ruler Iskandar Muda. Now, this Baiturrahman mosque became the icon of the town. the most building of the place of worship is white with a black dome. the most building of the mosque that may be encircled by seven towers conjointly has the black dome on that. The presence of an outsized pool amid a shower ahead of the place of worship may add an effect are going to be the grandeur of this mosque.


Baiturrahman mosque in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, contains a terribly long history. The story of the Baiturrahman contained during a skinny book is printed directly by the Manager of the mosque.

Baiturrahman mosque is that the State place of worship situated within the heart of Aceh. within the book, it's mentioned that the mosque was engineered by ruler Iskandar Muda in 1612 (1022 Ce). In alternative words, the age of the mosque currently has reached 404 years.

However, in another narration, it's same that the fixing of this mosque is that the fundamental measure of the dominion of Aceh leader ruler Alaidin Mahmudsyah in 1875 (1292 Ce). sadly, the mosque was later burned down thanks to the invasion of the military of The Netherlands in his expedition in Apr 1873 (1290 movement Hijri).

Baiturrahman Mosque, Aceh - Indonesia
Four years when the masjid was burned, in the period of time, 1877 (Safar 1294 Hijri) masjid was later restored within the same location. the event became the responsibility of Governor-General van Lansberge who continuing promise of General van Sweiten. The statement was declared when the deliberation command with heads of the country's around Banda Aceh given the importance of such an idea.

The construction of the masjid was enforced by major Vander as governor of Aceh at that point. birthing the primary stone construction was allotted on October nine, 1879 (I.e. 1296 thirteen Hijri) by Tengku Qaadi Malikul truthful. Construction of the masjid began to be enforced within the year 1881 with only 1 Vault. At that point, the masjid is known as when the masjid at first.

Expansion and reshuffle still do as we tend to become older the Congregation and its capability limitations. Recorded some times the method of occurred in reshuffle Baiturrahman masjid. One in 1935, 1975, 1981, and 1991.

The process of an overhaul in 1991 to 1993 is that the most fantastic. Time, performed in-depth growth of the house of prayer to masjid being three,760 sq. meters with the utilization of artificial marble floor Italy. The extension of it for up to 8,000 folks of the Congregation. additionally, it additionally created the addition of the dome up to seven items, four towers and one Tower master outside the building of the masjid.

Outside the realm of the masjid, the House has a neighborhood of up to four hectares and contains a pool. Some a part of it within the style of a sedgy field. Of course, the look is currently invisible as a result of once done renovation once more. The distinction, this year's reshuffle is simply done on the part of the Court, not within the masjid space mosques

5. Blang Kulam waterfall

Blang falls ponds become traveler attractions in Aceh, the primary within the style of a falls. falls pool within the village of Blang sidomulyo, nisam Antara, Kuta Makmur, Aceh, North Aceh Regency. To traverse a website this tour takes about a half-hour from the capital of Aceh.

The falls should be entered within the list of attractions in Aceh would you visit. Place the still-beautiful and well maintained will certainly build the remainder of our feelings.

This fall is additionally referred to as twin falls as a result of there square measure 2 waterfalls flow. Blang falls pool is about 75 metric linear unit.

The uniqueness of those sights square measure the guests will fancy the natural beauty around with ways that of inhabitation. except for tourists who prefer to camp ought to raise permission ahead to the tour manager and conjointly pay a fee of concerning five thousand per man.

Blang outside falls – Freshness In Lhokseumawe

Once glad go around Banda Aceh, tourists will visit the city of Lhokseumawe. Lhokseumawe could be a town in Aceh province that is found within the middle of the road east of Sumatra. Its position is strategic as a result of it's placed between Medan and Banda Aceh, creating the town became a trade distribution lines.

Lhokseumawe springs from the word Lhok Seumawe and Acehnese, who in Lhok means that deep, trough the ocean, bays, and Lhokseumawe mean the water is whirling. during this town, there's an oversized business like pt Pupuk Iskandar Muda, Aceh wrapping paper pt (PT KKA), atomic number 78 ASEAN Aceh Fertilizers and EXXON Mobil – Arun.

One of the attention-grabbing sights in Lhokseumawe is Blang falls pool, conjointly better-known by the name of Blang Kulam. A falls that's set during this natural forest, capable to supply a stunning natural shade, the air is cool and crisp, and a charm of the water that falls from an altitude of concerning seventy-five meters thereby making rare water rumbling sound. It definitely may be an attraction for tourists to vacation to those sights.

In this place, tourists will swim or play water, and relax whereas enjoying the view of natural Waterfalls of charming pool Blang. However, it takes a bit little bit of a struggle to achieve the sting of the falls.

After researching the gates falls Blang pool, tourists are going to be down about 660 fruit stairs to induce to the falls. This trip quite exhausting however such a lot of fun. throughout the trip, the holidaymaker will fancy the sweetness of the natural landscape that's inexperienced, whereas the breath of contemporary air that's free from pollution.

At the time the house can apply the reverse isn't? Tourists have to be compelled to climb stairs to a variety of 660. Tourists haven't got to hurry if it feels tired travelers ought to rest 1st.

Though the falls are enclosed by forest pool Blang lush and pristine, however the facilities at these sights quite complete. In Blang falls Ponds accessible bathroom and a little place of worship. Even for travelers who forgot to bring an influence bank, in these sights, there are places that provide services to charge the battery of the camera or mobile.

What concerning security in Blang falls Pond? officers of the attractions can guarantee the security of tourists. There are officers who can facilitate tourists with the spirit if an adverse action.

Ample on-the-spot parking lot. However, tourists are going to be charged parking fees square measure quite dear. For tourists who drove a bike, bike parking fees in these sights by 5 thousand bucks, whereas the price for automobile parking ten thousand bucks.

However, with the price of the safety of the vehicle fully awake. {this is|this is often|this will be} definitely terribly favorable for tourists as a result of tourists can with a quiet and cozy vacation in Blang Falls attractions.

Blangkulam Waterfall

Transportation to induce To The falls pool Blang

Tourists will use the motor or an automobile to induce to the placement of the Blang falls pool. For travelers who rent an automobile, letting rates so as to induce cheaper, tourists might rent the automobile alongside alternative travelers.

Position the water pool within the village of Blang Sido Mulyo, Kuta Makmur Subdistrict. This holidaymaker spot is concerning 21 kilometers from the town of Lhokseumawe. throughout the trip, travelers are going to be accompanied with views and a comfortable rural atmosphere and funky in my eyes.

When travelers outward-bound from the town of Banda Aceh, the gap should be traveled from the town of Banda Aceh headed to Lhokseumawe, concerning 275 kilometers, in but five hours.

The price of admission at these sights is amounting to Rp 2500.


In the city of Lhokseumawe was accessible many tight lodgings for tourists with commonplace costs and categories vary.

Some lodgings include:

1. recreational facility Graha building (3 stars)

Jln. Merdeka Timur No. 42 Lhokseumawe.

2. Ocean Plaza International building (3 stars)

Jln. freelance East – Cunda, Lhokseumawe.

3. The deity Plaza building (1 Star)

Jln. Pase No. 27.

4. star Aceh house (1-star)

Jln. North-west Hague.

In addition, around Lhokseumawe there are Motels and pensions.


Tourists don't be concerned felt hunger whereas in there. In Blang water ponds, some sellers have accessible food and drinks.

For tourists is that the town of Lhokseumawe, do not forget to do the city's specialties, like boh from-room, satay, Curry goat and grilled fish cane, bread, noodles, pineapple sambal mussels in Aceh and an angular occasional. it's known as an angular occasional as a result of occasional isn't content to one cups, however solely half a glass.


1. those that wish to play water or swim within the outside water Blang pool, don't forget to bring an amendment of garments.

2. do not forget to bring a camera.

3. Travelers ought to carry food and drinks from the skin however do not do it as a result of it may be a burden for tourists.

4.660 stairs that exist at this location created in 70-90s. Currently, the steps there's a condition that is roofed by the nonvascular plant. Therefore, travelers ought to take care once passing through it.

5. For tourists who wish to relish the freshness of bathing within the outside cold water, you'll be able to feel it within the Cold Water bathtub touristry, Lhok Pooh. touristry is found in South Aceh Regency.

Blang water pool has AN altitude of up to seventy-five meters. If travelers feel the sound of the water falling from the peak of these, for certain can cause you to sort of a date-rape naturally.

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